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Submission + - Future of Copyright Contest 2.0 is open! (

rekrutacja writes: Future of Copyright is a contest, in which you can both co-fund the prize and send your vision on the future of copyright in a try to win the money. Last year edition attracted a lot of people, and as a result a great anthology of distopian short stories and essays was published on-line as PDF for your printing pleasure, MOBI for Kindle and EPUB for everything else. While reading it please consider donating to this year edition and grab great perks, think about contributing to copyright debate and help promote it. You have just 10 days left to donate, and a month to send your works for a contest. Indepenedent jury consists of great people: Beatriz Busaniche (Via Libre Foundation and Wikimedia Argentina), Shun-Ling Chen (copyright scholar at University of Arizona), Mike Linksvayer (Creative Commons), Joe McNamee (European Digital Rights), Jérémie Zimmermann (La Quadrature du Net) and Jaroslaw Lipszyc (Modern Poland Foundation which organize all this).

Submission + - Free anthology of short stories on the Future of Copyright (

rekrutacja writes: "10 best short stories on the future of copyright made it to anthology, (which you can download for free in PDF [], MOBI and EPUB []) as a result of a crowdfunded contest held by the Modern Poland Foundation. Mike Linksvayer of Creative Commons wrote great review of this book []. Jury – Prof. Michael Geist, Piotr Czerski and Jarosaw Lipszyc – awarded the main prize to Aymeric Mansoux, author of Morphology of copyright tale”. Moreover, the jury decided to grant an honorable mention to Togi, author of the work Give”."

Comment Re:Advertisement (Score 5, Funny) 80

That is so true! I feel really bad because now you exposed all my dirty secrets. I lobbied governement all those years to accept this program exactly yesterday, because i want to advertise on Slashdot, and win all those 1% donations. I will use this money for champagne, caviar and orbital trips. I'm also a member of Majestic 12, and work for New World Order, for full disclosure :-)

Submission + - Polish government to deliver free textbooks for all kids grades 4-6 (

rekrutacja writes: "Today polish government accepted "Digital School" pilot program, which includes "e-Textbooks" component. With 15 million USD funding component intends to create CC BY licensed educational materials covering all educational needs and making traditional, paper textbooks superficial. This came after years-long efforts of Open Education Coalition and its members to persuade policy makers, that Open Educational Resources are a way to go. Last months have been especially eventful, as free textbooks part of the program was dropped by Ministry of Education and reinstated again on Prime Minister Office level."

Submission + - Poland goes Open (

rysiek writes: "In a surprise announcement Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk declared new policy toward more open state: ''All information funded from public sources should be available as public property, free for everyone to use it as they wish'' said Tusk last week during a meeting with NGO leaders in Poland (translation). This is very unusual in Europe, and in fact puts Poland ahead of other EU states. A loose web of polish NGOs for more than 2 years advocated more open public information laws. A bill to that effect will now be presented in Sejm (Polish parliament)."

Submission + - Microsoft video on turns to PR disaster ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Microsft published an anti video. After first not-so-friendly comments pulled video back, but when another copy was found on-line made it avalaible again. (link: Now it turns out, that video content is little bit... oudated. One of the people quoted is Darek Muraszka from Kaczmarski Inkasso collection agency. According to information on polish Microsoft Website (link to google translation: Kaczmarski moved to MS Windows and MS Office solution in 2001, citing Linux and unmaturity as main reason. It is good to know, that they couldn't find more unhappy open source users thru all those years.

Comment Re:Be Warned (Score 3, Insightful) 379

The Sugar was problem since day one of the project. Laptop design was very innovative for that time. The idea of cheap educational laptop was brilliant. How this happened, that the hardware was finished quickly, while the software was in deep alfa? They should stick to what was proven "good enough" software solution. By scattering their small resources on building the whole new user interfaces OLPC lost its chance to master the price and marketing.

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