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Comment Re:Make them work first (Score 1) 68

You're in luck, as that time is right now!

tl;dr - the Samsung 840 series is the only drive to really suffer problems but that's strictly relatively speaking; it's allocating from reserve capacity and to reach the point it's at now you'd have to have 150 gb of writes per day for 10 years, which is probably at least an order of magnitude higher than even a heavy standard user. And that's the consumer version -- the Intel ssd, aimed more at production / business environments, fares even better. Which mechanical hard drives do you use that support 150 gb of daily writes for 10 years?

Comment Re:Am I doing it wrong? (Score 1) 153

I used to feel the same way, going so far as basing smartphone purchases entirely on the keyboard (Touch Pro and Touch Pro 2, both of which had best-in-class hardware keyboards. Got those despite the WinMo interface they came with). The days of lousy on screen keyboards are in the past. I can Swype far faster than I could ever type on a 4" keyboard (with keys that were measured in millimeters). Is my input speed up to the ~100 wpm I can type on my desktop keyboard? No, but I doubt anyone can do that regardless of hard or soft phone keyboard. It's much higher than one might expect though -- if I had to guess, I'd say it's in the mid 30s to 40ish and I'd feel confident challenging anyone who is still inputting on a hard keyboard.

Comment Re:BS Detectors at Maximum, Mr. Sulu (Score 0) 433

Since Jews were, by definition, there before Muslims, doesn't it stand to reason that the Muslims were the ones who originally encroached on the land? I mean, it's all arbitrary in that region, depending on what date you choose to establish as the date of ownership unto eternity.

Israel as a country dates back to 930 BCE which, for the non-history buffs here, is before Muhammed (and thus Islam) even existed. The area known today as Palestine was taken over by Muslims in the mid 630s -- which I can only assume, since you are a logically consistent person, you find unacceptable and thus will now demand the land be turned over to Jews. Right?

Comment Re:Photographer should say "Go ahead" (Score 1) 667

If you found out today that dozens of people had been banging your wife for the last year, would you be upset? Perhaps you should question whether any real harm is being done. Since you didn't know about the 'usage' yesterday and was seemingly quite happy with everything, finding many instances of your wife being used like a two dollar whore should make you question whether that use has actually caused you any harm.

Comment Re:Moral of the story.... (Score 1) 264

And then the most competent CEOs ignore your company's job offer and go somewhere that does offer a golden parachute, knowing that despite their skill shit can and will happen that is out of their control but nevertheless wanting to get paid in such a contingency.

People are going to act in their self-interest, which is why companies *do* offer crazy sounding deals.

Comment Re:Non-human intelligences (Score 3, Insightful) 785

Well that's kind of a silly standard. Most technology is ultimately based on at least one of two things: the opposable thumb (needed for dextrously manipulating one's environment, exceptions such as an elephant's nose notwithstanding) and fire (and its natural descendent electricity).

By your standard, a person in a coma or an infant are not to be granted rights.

Comment Everyone here is a vegetarian, right? (Score 5, Informative) 747

Just want to verify that everyone who is full-on convinced about the negative effects of climate change is a vegetarian. At this point it's essentially indisputable that eating meat -- particularly beef, but all meat due to second order effects aside from methane (increased fuel usage for the additional grain required to grow animals, etc) -- is a significant factor in greenhouse gas production. If every American became vegetarian, the reduction of greenhouse gasses would be greater than swapping out every SUV for an electric car. So, those of you pilloring consumers, government, or industry -- you've already made the switch, right? Cause you wouldn't want to be hypocritical.

Comment Re:Spamvertisement (Score 1) 146

I'm a huge fan (in general) of Amazon. Spent more money there than I care to think on. That's irrelevant. The /. story was either a verbatim PR release or written by a PR stooge to be as banal and self-aggrandizing as possible. It wasn't intended to spur discussion but to advertise a product. The submission was obviously not along the lines of "Hey guys, here's a new DNS host, what do you think will be the advantages and disadvantages compared to OpenDNS et al?" That's fine, great, if you want to advertise your product by passing it off as a news article, when there is a clear difference between the two, be prepared to be mocked for doing so.

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