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Comment Re:Again, on what basis an internet tax? (Score 0) 392

The problem they are trying to address is the decrease in sales tax income due to non-taxed internet transactions. This is pretty obvious, although not to viewers of Faux News. To them it is just another liberal tax increase.

Can you propose another way to recoup the missing sales taxes? Sure, cut spending on education (very smart way to secure the future), health care (your fault for getting sick after all), etc..., but be sure not to cut those massive tax breaks for coporations, the wealthy, or any of the subsidies for oil, corn, ethonol, etc...

Comment Re:How dare they sue us! (Score 0, Troll) 381

It's really very unfair. Here we were, just defending our rightful monopoly over all things rectangular with screens on the front, and these uppity bastards with their "patents" on "foundational RF technologies" that they supposedly "invented" are getting all touchy about it. WTF?

Problem with your thinking tablet looked anything remotely like the ipad until the ipad came out. Look at the picture at the bottom of the link to see the blatant copying Samsung did.

Comment Re:Let's just do away with sales tax (Score 0) 949

So i bust my ass, put myself through school, work long hours, and should be punished for it? I should have to give my money to some clown who sits on his/her ass all day? That is imbalanced. Considering the sales tax does not apply to food, i find your example interesting. If you want to support leeches, that is your choice. How much money have you donated to the poor?

Comment Re:Let's just do away with sales tax (Score 0) 949

The rich folks have the easiest time of avoiding the tax.

How do you "avoid" a sales tax?

So, yes it does hurt the folks at the bottom more than at the top because the portion of their paycheck going to items subject to a sales tax are higher and the rich can easily avoid the tax by making their purchases out of state in a place that doesn't have sales tax if need be.

Do not buy so much then. No one can ever tell me why i need to be punished because i make more money than someone else.

...and the rich can easily avoid the tax by making their purchases out of state in a place that doesn't have sales tax if need be.

So i am going to hop on a plane and fly to Delaware to go grocery shopping? What nonsense. Curious, at what level is one "rich"?

Comment Re:Let's just do away with sales tax (Score 0, Troll) 949

There is zero logic in your statements. The sales tax does not punish anyone more or less than anyone else. It is a percentage. The total amount of money you have is irrelevant, as it should be with all taxes. If you feel you are not making enough money, do something about it. I know that is terrible...taking responsibility for yourself. by your idea, penalizing successful people is a good idea. You want to steal others hard work. That is totally unfair and hurts those who work the hardest to get ahead.

Comment Re:Let's just do away with sales tax (Score 0) 949

How is it my fault somebody does not have more money? Get a higher paying job. Get a second job. Get by on less. Save more. Live within your means. I live within your means. I do not sit and whine i can not afford a new 911 Turbo. I accept the fact i do not make enough money to buy one. Why am i burdened by free loaders looking for me to bust my ass so they can leech off me. I use no more or less government services than they do. Why do i need to pay for them?

Comment Re:Let's just do away with sales tax (Score 1, Insightful) 949

Sales tax is a regressive tax -- it hurts the poor the most, and is barely a burden on anyone beyond middle class.

Huh? The sales tax is completely fair on everyone, regardless of income level, which is how taxes should be. Why should i pay more sales tax just because i earn more money than some else? So no, it does not hurt anyone more than anyone else, it affects everyone in the same way.

Comment Re:Consortium patents (Score 1) 121

Yeah, because we all know that having a touch screen phone with a square screen and a grid for launcher icons is such a unique concept! Only a few dozen companies that had that sort of thing before!

Care to share some examples?

Really, Apple has a history going back 30 years of ripping off other people's technologies and then suing over it as if they had invented it. The sleazy tricks they have been playing with iPhone and iPad are completely in character. Again, care to offer some examples?

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