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Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 159

Did you fill out a form at the bank explaining that they are rent checks? Or maybe explained it to the teller when you made the deposit? Then it's not illegal. People are acting like making a big deposit (or a few smaller deposits) is going to send you right to jail, when all it does it cause a bit more hassle as the bank is forced to do due diligence.

Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 159

It's not illegal to deposit a big chunk of money, you just have to fill out a form explaining how you got it. Trying to avoid the form by splitting up the deposit is what gets you in trouble, but the trouble is just "gotta fill out the form". If you can't fill it out or you lie on it then you can find yourself in real trouble.

Comment Re:I really don't understand this drone applicatio (Score 3, Insightful) 43

My believe is that they intend to fly hundreds of these. If you have 100 tethers from 0 to 60,000 ft or so, I believe that you would have many aircraft accidents. Recall that the British used tethered balloons to protect themselves from German air raids. There is no way that you could see those tethers while flying, until you were very close to them -- then it would be too late to avoid.

There are a dozen or so tethered balloons around the border of the US now, so far there have been no incidents that I know of -- but the border is a place where pilots are very observant. Also, the balloons are only at about 10,000 ft or so, so most planes are far higher.

Comment Re:That doesn't work because... (Score 1) 159

You can't change the angle at which the scene is rendered by interpolating between frames.

It's not the raw framerate. It's that the scene your viewing has to match where you're looking that quickly or you get motion sick.

While the parent is Anonymous coward, please rate him up, as that is correct.

Comment Super cool, but a little late (Score 1) 96

While this workaround uses a very novel technique and had the side effect of giving the emulation community a chance to properly emulate the CD control chip, there is already a SD-Card based modchip that plugs into the CD-ROM drive slot and allows you to play games even if the optical bits fail. It works by emulating the CD-ROM hardware instead. Still, this modchip is better because you don't even have to crack the lid to install it, it simply slots into the MPEG card slot built into the console.

Comment I hope it's a social engineering service hack (Score 1, Insightful) 43

It would be hilarious if they called support claiming to be Jack Dorsey and got the CSR to reset the password.

The CSRs are really the weak link for so many of these hacks. All of the two factor and out of band authentication in the world can't help you if the level 1 phone support just hands your account over to anybody who can do some basic research.

Comment Re:Saturation (Score 4, Interesting) 170

Yep, manufacturers overestimated the market capacity for Tablets. In the end they're a fairly niche product, and everybody who wanted one pretty much has one at this point. They aren't useless, but they aren't compelling for most people either. You get a device that's the size of a small laptop, but less capable because it's crippled with a phone OS and no keyboard. I use mine somewhat regularly, but only for a handful of tasks:
1. Reading full color comics. The Kindle sucks for this.
2. Watching video on the go. Much better experience than the phone, but this is only for long car rides and is used to keep the kids entertained.
3. Playing games. My phone is an iPhone, so all of my Android gaming has to be done on the tablet. This is a very niche use, and it really only came about from me looking for a reason to even turn the thing on in the first place. Were it not for the Humble Bundle I don't think this would even make the list.

Web browsing and email are also possible, but the experience is decidedly worse than a laptop so I don't usually do it. Especially if I have to reply to an email.

The big advantages with phones is portability. They're always in the pocket ready to go. Tablets don't have that, yet they're stuck with the same drawbacks that phones have like touch controls and a locked down OS.

Comment Re:TMobile.... (Score 2) 145

T-Mo has made big strides in upgrading their network in the past few years. Getting a chunk of prime bandwidth was a huge boost for them. I had T-Mo years ago but switched to Verizon after being without coverage too many times, but then Verizon started dicking with the bills so we switched back to T-Mo and to my surprise I rarely am without service. Most of the old deadspots are gone, although a couple do remain.

They got rid of overages. They don't charge you for your phone when you bring your own. Then added free international. Then added free SMS (Does Verizon still rape you on SMS? $20/month or $0.35/per?). Then added free calling. Then added Wifi calling. Then doubled everyone's data for free. I am absolutely not switching back to Verizon anytime in the near future.

Comment Re:Who here is warranty-voiding master-race? (Score 1) 189

Depends on the environment a bit too. High heat seems to kill electrolytics no matter how good they are. I see this frequently in mobos where the caps next to the GPU or underneath the shroud off of the CPU are always the first to blow. Every time I see it I say to myself "I sure am glad the manufacturer saved $0.05 per cap on this, it is definitely making my life better..."

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