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Comment OpenVPN on a free-tier AWS server (Score 1) 218

What I did after I went to china for the first time was to setup an openVPN server on a free AWS VM.
If you know how to use the Linux command line, this is probably the cheapest way to get around any censorship, insecure wifi and other things. Steps (not very detailed):
1. Get an AWS account (you need a credit card, but it will not be charged until you get over 15GB traffic and then it's 0.12$/GB) (here)
2. Set up a micro VM of your choice (I prefer debian-based OSs)
3. Install openVPN and configure it according to the HOWTO
4. Install the client software on the computer you will be taking there (everything except iOS is supported)
5. Test it

You may want to set up a dynamic DNS for your server so the address doesn't change after restarts.

As a bonus, the location of your AWS server is the exit point, so you can choose where you want your VPN to exit based on what is censored where at which time (I currently have it exiting in the USA because in Germany almost all music on Youtube is blocked).

Comment Re:Doomed to fail (Score 1) 134

A war where there is no clear enemy can never be won but that's the whole point. If the war will never and you don't ave to take back the restrictions and laws you passed and you don't have to release prisoners of war (doesn't apply to "cyberwars" yet, but see the war on terror). And as a bonus it can't be "lost" either since there's nobody to whom you can surrender.

Comment Correlation does not imply causation (Score 1) 260

'We know from lots of studies and lots of data now that violent criminals very often begin their careers as nonviolent criminals. And the earlier you can get a nonviolent criminal's DNA in the data bank, the higher your chances are of apprehending the right person.' Did anybody ever look at all then nonviolent "criminals" (people who jaywalk, ride the subway without paying etc...) DON'T become violent? I think they would find out it is the great majority.

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