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Submission + - I want a Linux device... Why can't I buy now?

refactored writes: "So there is an unending stream of Linux-on-such-and-such device news releases.

So I want to fill in my credit card number and buy and start hacking...

But I'm loosing patience with the endless vapourware, coming soon, bare board no power, case or display, just endless a link chase from web site to web site...

Do these guys want money or not? Where are the "Buy Now" buttons that will get me a real instantly hackable open linux device shipping tomorrow?

I could, if I bothered, trawl /. for literally hundreds of linux device announcements and then trace them to...vapour, dead ends, coming soon, companies no longer operating.

I know I can get Arm9 devices for a few dollars, why can't I get them as an instant on real system?

So I challenge slashdotters to post URL's of web sites that have real live "buy now, shipping tomorrow" linux devices."

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