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Comment "Yes, Virginia, there are girls that use Linux" (Score 1) 289

When I read this article, I had to reply. I've been reading /. for about a year everyday now and I've been using Linux for almost a year also. I can truly say that I'd use Linux over any other OS out there. I hate M$ with a passion. I work full time as a Sys Admin and enjoy it tremendously. I don't think I've ever met another female that has used Linux and it's quite disappointing to me that even most females I know barely can make their way around Winblows. I'm really curious as to why this is? I don't know if I really believe that it's because we weren't exposed to it early on. I didn't even really get into computers until four years ago. I think most of us female geeks just don't want all the attention we would get if we actually attended a local LUG meeting since there would probably (maybe) be only one other female there. I like attention, but not that much. And contrary to popular belief, female geeks aren't social outcasts, in fact some of us are very attractive:) (not that I have a huge ego, but that's what I'm told) I read that article a few weeks ago about LinuxChix and it's a good idea, but personally I would never attend a meeting. I don't feel that just because I'm a minority in the computer world that I need to have my own special group and make everyone praise us because we're a minority and get all kinds of publicity. I'd rather see a good mix of both sexes at the local LUG meetings. And also more women (including me) should respond to the postings on /. and not use a unisex or male handle but make it actually known that females actually do read and comprehend this stuff and are very interested in it! And for heaven sakes don't post it Anonymously! Just remember, we don't do this to get dates, we actually do enjoy this stuff and want to get more females involved in using Linux. And also contrary to popular belief, there are intelligent females that are interested in computers out there, they are just few and far between! We do have our own opinions and are not afraid to voice them! So I will end with posing this question: What can local LUG's do to entice females to come to their meetings?

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