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Comment Re:Pretty obvious (Score 1) 384

They really aren't similar. There are definitely ways to improve a program that mess with people's productivity and comfort, real or perceived on both parts. Either way, people don't like changing software. I shouldn't even have to point that out. It's as given as water being wet.

That said, honestly I'm sure it's the latter. "Hey wouldn't this be useful?" kinda thinking is usually "God no it's a terrible idea" that only gets shot down when someone else hears it.

Comment Pretty obvious (Score 2) 384

One of two very very scenarios arises in my mind:

1) The person(s) does not want the software to change at all because they are comfortable with how it works. This is seen all the time when companies are pushing upgrades to a new version of Windows or Office or *insert a different product*
2) Your suggestions are really not all that useful and are rightfully be lambasted

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 2) 344

Smart phones weren't designed for use while driving but neither were maps, kids, sleepiness, or being drunk.

So sure, fixate on the radio or climate controls (did forget that one), but ignore that they were placed in a larger category of distractions and still cause a lot of accidents even if they are designed for use while driving.

I'll finish up with " something something forest for trees."

Comment I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 4, Interesting) 344

People also know the risks of fucking with the radio, looking at maps, yelling at kids, driving while sleepy, or drinking and driving. Guess what?

All of those still happen in spades are for the most part of impossible to eradicate. With a combination of education, training (eg no passengers in the car for 3 months) and penalties, we can reduce them like the world has done for drunken driving, but people will continue to use their phones while they drive just like they've let other things distract them as long as cars have existed. The only real differentiator is that the phone lets us combine nearly everything into a handheld distraction as opposed to having 10 different proximate causes.

Comment Re:Is anyone surprised by this? (Score 4, Interesting) 145

What exactly is Lyft going to sue them for? Breach of rider contract/TOS? How is that going to be massive?

Now there is some stuff in there that Uber definitely/probably violated (eg 9a, 9l). I'm not really seeing how they are directly affecting Lyft's bottom line. They see how the cars and drivers react, most likely comparing that to their own driver behavior, but that's something that I'd expect Uber to be researching anyway. Google most certainly is figuring out how people use Bing and other search engines or how people use Apple maps vs Google maps.

Comment Re: More US warmongering (Score 4, Informative) 755

Sure, I'll ignore the EU, Arab League, UN, UK, Israel, Turkey, France, Germany. Some random guy on ./ knows way more than them. You agree with Syria, the accused perpetrator, and Russia, their only real ally. That's a bold stance my friend. F*cking Hezbollah criticized Assad for launching the strikes. Hezbollah. Let that sink in.

Lest you disagree with me: Here's a nice summary: It dismissed the possibility that evidence supporting the US government's conclusion could have been manufactured by the opposition, stating it "does not have the capability" to fabricate videos, eyewitness accounts, and other information. The report also said that the US believed Syrian officials directed the attacks, based on "intercepted communications."[12] A major element, as reported by news media, was an intercepted telephone call between a Syrian Ministry of Defense official and a Syrian 155th Brigade chemical weapons unit commander in which the former demanded answers for the attacks.

Here's the actual US government report: https://obamawhitehouse.archiv...

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