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Comment If your career hinges on social media (Score 4, Interesting) 186

I highly highly doubt it's a career. Or you could just be really, really shitty at your job. I made it about 2 paragraphs but had to stop when he was talking about some guy who felt the need to update his blog every 30 minutes. That's just an abnormal amount of anxiety and narcissism, not to mention an insane outlook on social media and modern life.

Comment Re: Misdemeanor? (Score 1) 317

My argument is: Federal courts have already ruled on this in my favor. There has been no evidence of it anywhere in the last two decades. Even if there were, I'd still prefer free speech to bullshit, arbitrary rules set in place by people who think they know better. It's very evocative of "we need more laws because we don't enforce the ones on the books."

Comment Re: Misdemeanor? (Score 1) 317

Free speech has never led to more democracy? No this is nothing like Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. There is no hyperinflation. We're not coming off the world's largest war to date after decades of ethnic and nationalist conflict brewing. We have no neighbors than can impose their will on us militarily.

Please take your clutched pearls and march them elsewhere. This is such an obtuse comparison, socially, mentally, emotionally, economically, militarily, historically and damn near any other adverb I can think of.

Comment Re:Misdemeanor? (Score 1) 317

Photos and free speech go hand in hand.

Not even close, there are certain circumstances when you can argue that photos can by covered by free speech but not the other way around, they are not equivalent or even close to being the same thing.

Yes very close. Nearly all photos are free speech. Seriously, go read anything on the first amendment. It's why you can film cops. It's why people can show pictures of aborted babies while protesting. It's why taking ballot selfies has been affirmed by federal courts 3 times. Unless it falls under a very specific set of exceptions like obscenity (your child porn example), libel, treason, and a few others. Thus the vast majority of pictures do in fact constitute free speech, which is a giant "durr" to anyone who gave it more than 2 seconds of thought or had passed US Government in HS.

If you really want to point at Apples to Oranges regarding Europe as a continent vs US as a country, let gloss over that I can generalize with "Europe" because not a single country on that continent has free speech protections as strong as the US' protections.

Well done, you just modified your argument because you realized how stupid you statement was. However, just because you are backpedaling it does not mean that I have to adjust my argument to mat ch yours, get back on subject buckaroo. (I can "draw the dots" for you back to what was said if you like/cant remember)

You can draw the dots but I saved myself a few seconds by typing "Europe" instead of "Every country in Europe." If you think that's worthy of rebuke, well I can't change your admittedly feeble mind. In the meantime, feel free to read about photography and the 1st amendment. You might actually learn something.


Comment Re: Misdemeanor? (Score 1) 317

Please prove to where that's gone on in modern America. I'll eagerly await your response. If it is easy to scare people into voting publicly, why hasn't it happened yet. Which regional superpower is going to invade us if we don't vote the way they want us to?

Your comparison is bizarre, inaccurate, and completely out of line with anything regarding reality. People are free to vote in secrecy. There is nothing to stop that. Existing laws punish what you purport is a huge problem. However your "concern" for people's secrecy reeks of paternalism and nanny state. Go read the Indiana, NH, and Michigan court decisions where these laws were blocked. Any of these concerns were so woefully "underproven" (more like unprovable due to no evidence) that they were dismissed out of hand.

Now you won't do this and why it's wildly impractical to affect anything but a tiny local election, so I'm wasting my time and effort. Half the states don't have these laws. Every time they've been challenged they've fallen. Yet somehow there is no widespread corruption or conspiracy that has swayed national elections. I hope you believe that Voter IDs are necessary too. At least you would be mentally consistent then, albeit wrong.

Comment Re:Misdemeanor? (Score 1, Troll) 317

Photos and free speech go hand in hand. You're clearly too fucking stupid to read what I linked to. Cases on this have already been decided. They were unconstitutional based on 1st amendment protections. Yes photos of naked children are not protected. Political speech, aka ballot selfies, are.

"If First Amendment protections are to enjoy enduring relevance in the 21st century, they must apply with full force to speech conducted online and through social media platforms, especially where this speech is political in nature."

"On August 11, 2015, a federal judge struck down the law, ruling that the law “deprives voters of one of their most powerful means of letting the world know how they voted.” For example, this form of speech can convey a sense of pride and excitement from an 18-year-old, newly minted voter who is enthusiastic about voting in her first presidential selection. It can convey, as it did with Andrew, the message of political protest against one’s choices for public office. The court understood that these messages lose their salience without the photograph of the marked ballot."

It appears "retarded" to me because it is and because I do understand what I read. If you really want to point at Apples to Oranges regarding Europe as a continent vs US as a country, let gloss over that I can generalize with "Europe" because not a single country on that continent has free speech protections as strong as the US' protections. Go back to your troll cave. Nothing you said even remotely resembles anything but subpar intelligence. You're in the wrong decile of the bell curve my friend.

Comment These laws are retarded (Score 0) 317

They ban a protected first amendment activity. There is no compelling state interest, as no evidence of this being abused has popped up anywhere in any state.

The only downside is that NY is outside the 1st Circuit so this farce will actually take a little while to play out instead of an immediate injunction being granted.

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