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Comment Re:Misdemeanor? (Score 0) 149

Photos and free speech go hand in hand. You're clearly too fucking stupid to read what I linked to. Cases on this have already been decided. They were unconstitutional based on 1st amendment protections. Yes photos of naked children are not protected. Political speech, aka ballot selfies, are.

"If First Amendment protections are to enjoy enduring relevance in the 21st century, they must apply with full force to speech conducted online and through social media platforms, especially where this speech is political in nature."

"On August 11, 2015, a federal judge struck down the law, ruling that the law “deprives voters of one of their most powerful means of letting the world know how they voted.” For example, this form of speech can convey a sense of pride and excitement from an 18-year-old, newly minted voter who is enthusiastic about voting in her first presidential selection. It can convey, as it did with Andrew, the message of political protest against one’s choices for public office. The court understood that these messages lose their salience without the photograph of the marked ballot."

It appears "retarded" to me because it is and because I do understand what I read. If you really want to point at Apples to Oranges regarding Europe as a continent vs US as a country, let gloss over that I can generalize with "Europe" because not a single country on that continent has free speech protections as strong as the US' protections. Go back to your troll cave. Nothing you said even remotely resembles anything but subpar intelligence. You're in the wrong decile of the bell curve my friend.

Comment These laws are retarded (Score 0) 149

They ban a protected first amendment activity. There is no compelling state interest, as no evidence of this being abused has popped up anywhere in any state.

The only downside is that NY is outside the 1st Circuit so this farce will actually take a little while to play out instead of an immediate injunction being granted.

Comment Hmmmmm (Score 3) 235

FTS: Employees complained that Facebook was changing the rules for Trump and some who review content on Facebook threatened to quit.

Well, bye. Yes Trump is terrible and his viewpoints are awful. He's awful the GOP candidate for President. By squelching his speech content, you're both tacitly endorsing a specific party as a platform -- a big no no from Zuckerberg -- and stripping people of newsworthy information, be it for good or bad. Needless to say it does not surprise me they threatened to quit. If I were Zuckerberg, they'd have been gone anyway. They were moderating content on Facebook, a job not relegated to rocket scientists, and failed at it.

Good work ladies and gentlemen.

Comment I do too (Score 0) 117

Not sure why remembering someone is relevant on their fifth death anniversary. Now if he were remembered in like 200 years, that would be something. Hey modmins, try using well fitting English words next time you write a headline. It won't happen though. You could even have borrowed it from the MacRumors summary!

Comment Re:I think that they are missing the point (Score 1) 210

It seems self-evident that the most effective weight loss will be from people who have found the will to do so within themselves, but the point of a tracker is to *give* some additional incentive to someone who would otherwise not have done the work at all, or may have stopped substantially sooner, lacking an unambiguous, objective, and quantitative measurement of how much work they have actually done.

For truly fair comparison, one should evaluate how much weight people with a weight-loss tracker lose compared to the average person who may not even exercise at all.

That's a pretty fucking stupid sentence to write. How is that a fair comparison? People trying to lose weight vs not? Let's take a measure of people trying to stay alive vs people trying to kill themselves. That's about as useful of a measurement. Dead people lose weight much faster than live people. Go to bed. Sober up. Stop posting for a while maybe?

Comment Sure this will be strictly enforced (Score 1) 67

You think the stewardesses are going to go person by person checking their phone? I don't know the percentage of Android to iPhone ownership in Australia, but that would add a lot of time and hassle. I doubt it would get enforced anywhere, despite it being a legitimate safety issue, if only for the person holding it.

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