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Comment Re:Broken Windows Policing (Score 2) 191

"The areas that received additional attention experienced a 20% reduction in calls to the police. The study concluded that cleaning up the physical environment was more effective than misdemeanor arrests and that increasing social services had no effect"

Get your racist, bullshit trash theories out of here and maybe join the 21st century. That retarded idea was old and busted twenty years ago

Comment Re:So I was gonna rant about your lack of detail (Score 1) 159

As between you and the Microsoft installation guide [], updated two days ago, I'm deeming the installation guide more credible.

1. Windows 10 Anniversary Update - build 14393 Available as of 8/2/2016
2. x64-based processor
3. Your PC must have an AMD/Intel x64 compatible CPU
4. You must be a member of the (free) Windows Insider Program (Preferably Fast-Ring)
5. Your PC must be running a 64-bit version of Windows 10 Anniversary Update build 14316 or later

Comment So I was gonna rant about your lack of detail (Score 5, Insightful) 159

Then I read your imgur post and have this to tell you:

1. It's not built-in functionality

2. It's in beta (as of 8/10/2016) - Bash on Ubuntu on Windows && Installation Guide. This is only available to a specific subset of Windows users (eg Windows Insiders Program).

Disclaimer: "This is the first release of Bash on Windows and it is branded "beta" deliberately - it's not yet complete! You should expect many things to work and for some things to fail! We greatly appreciate you using Bash on Windows and helping us identify the issues we need to fix in order to deliver a great experience."

You can't expect 100% compatibility with something still in beta. There are broken things and things that will be changed. Expecting Avast to work with it right now or refund you for a beta-product is unreasonable. Maybe common handles things differently than civil law in this case. I know Europe has better consumer protections in many many ways than the US, but I can't see where anyone would reasonably expect a refund or extensive support for a beta add-in when the product works perfectly with production level software (aka Win 10).

Comment Re:..doesnt factor in connection cost. (Score 3) 174

True but how many people do? I know it's more common in non-US countries. I commonly see people gripe about Rogers in Canada, for example.

However, for me, my cable is nearly always bundled with internet in a fashion that makes it nearly or as expensive to just have cable. I've juggled RCN, Comcast, and a few other providers over the years. Now, with RCN, even with my subsidized deal where I essentially pay taxes (thanks HOA!) and my phone for my TV package, I still probably get 3 or 4 to 1 cent in the Netflix:Cable debate. Hell the biggest reason I have cable at all is for sports. I watch far too many for my own good, but just getting the internet would boost my sports outlay considerably between the MLB/NBA/NFL packages, ESPN GO, or the bar tab I'd rack up watching my favorite out of market teams.

Comment Re:Helps your battery life (Score 1) 771

Rather than having the phone send out an amplified analog signal, if the phone sends out a simple digital stream it would use LESS - not more - power. With a dongle it would use the same amount as it does today to convert to an audio stream, but if you had battery powered headphones they could do all of the amplification (and plenty of really nice headphones already do additional application in the headphones).

Alternately what if the new audio jack provided power so you could have a set of external speakers that did use phone power to provide really good sound quality? That seems better to be than using external speakers today where I have to plug them in (though sadly most external speakers today are bluetooth).

1) It also means I can't charge it while I listen to music if I want.
2) I don't want battery powered headphones. That's another thing I have to charge
3) If I use bluetooth so I can charge my phones, the power runs down even quicker and I have another thing to charge
4) If I want to plug in my phone to external speakers, I want it charging so the battery doesn't run down or most likely I will connect via bluetooth while leaving it charged.

Comment This is fucking dumb (Score 2, Insightful) 771

It will kill your battery life and/or require you to purchase a bunch of f*cking dongles to charge your phone and use the headphones at the same time. Patel's list is right on the money. Most people can't even hear well enough to differentiate between the quality of analog vs digital and don't use music with that high of a bit rate anyway. Looks like I'm gonna be limited to the iPhone SE when I finally upgrade off my 5. I don't want a huge phablet and I want a god damn headphone jack.

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