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Comment Re:So what. (Score 1) 316

My new TV is 4K. To watch a 4K movie I would have to replace my Blue-ray player because it can't do 4K and find a movie on a 4K disk (good luck with that). My Netflix's has 4K content I watch for a few dollars more, plus I can download movies to my tablet or phone to watch later for free. To be honest very few movies are out there I would buy and watch more that a couple of times. Afterwards they collect dust. I have plenty of things that do that now.

Comment Re:What an empty life (Score 1) 736

I don't think so. Being an older person and remembering what school was like before PC and comparing it to what it is like now gives me a perspective you may not share. I would consider calling the police on a young child and kicking them out of school be cause they pointed a finger at someone, or to a six year old for kissing a classmate (they wanted to label this child a sexual predator) well beyond exaggerating the problems. These are only two of many actual outcomes from overreacting school officials. It doesn't even begin to address the overt anti-Americanism, racial hatred, and re-editing of history by our colleges. Our colleges are now spending more time teaching non-tolerance than preparing out kids for the real world and getting an actual job. And, no, I don't consider a job as a paid activist as a real job. And just for your information I worked in the labor force thirty years, paid taxes every year and that after serving in the armed forces, enlisted, not drafted. I am also a disabled veteran. Even retired I volunteer seven days a week. I earned my right to my opinions and I have no need to get over myself.

Comment Re:What an empty life (Score 1) 736

These idiots only looked at the calories for the wrapper, which was 300, without adding the rest of the items they put on it. They were suing because the meal was over 300, the only item they looked up. Any item prepared outside of a lab will very widely due to the person making the item and the batch it is made from. Personally I like mine to be on the bigger side! If dieting or content is that important to you, you should eat at home or prepare your own food. That should be a no-brainer, but looking at who we are talking about...

Comment Re:What an empty life (Score 1) 736

We are raising a whole generation of morons who think they are hurt by words and life in general. In California we have people suing a fast food place because they ate to much. We have people painting fake slogans so they can complain about it. The news organizations spending so much time writing fake news the real news gets unreported. We have brought this on ourselves for allowing our schools to teach "PC" instead of facts and terrorizing our children because the teachers think a chicken nugget was eaten to the shape of a gun or so other stupid idea that has nothing to do with teaching so mach as indoctrination of them.

Comment I have the need, the need for speed. (Score 1) 769

I like my Keurig. As the only coffee drinker in the house one cup at at a time fits me fine. But you can use any kind of ground coffee in it if you get some of those fill yourself pods. They are cheap and you can use your specialty coffees in them. If the Keurig folks shoot themselves in the foot with DRM I'm sure some one will come out with one without it. Or a hacker will build a home model.

Comment Re:Not News to Fox (Score 1) 330

And did this allow the wire tapping of his parents and Fox employees? Taking their PHONE records? There was more to this than some emails. Of course it was OK to lie about the circumstances to the court to obtain the warrants when they knew Rosen wasn't possibly a criminal "co-conspirator" as shown by, Surprise! Surprise!, No charges filed. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/05/23/correspondents-association-concerned-government-too-aggressive-in-tracking/

Comment Tom Swift for the younger crowd. (Score 1) 1244

I liked reading the Tom Swift series when I was a kid. They had "inventions" a bit ahead of their time considering the series started written in 1910. You can still read some of them here - http://durendal.org/ts.html - for free. Check out the Electric Gun, Electric Runabout, the Photo Telephone to name a few.

Comment Why upgrade? (Score 2) 211

My question is "Why bother to upgrade to 4G or any other speed?". A high speed phone isn't any use if you can't use it for what it's meant for. If enough people just drop the most useful aspects of their phones (Internet) and use then for just them as phones, the shoe would be on the other foot. My phone still works with WiFi and I don't even HAVE a carrier. I find that for me a cell phone isn't viable because I only make a call or two a month. On the other hand I still can check my email and browse when in a WiFi zone like my house of a place of business that offers it, and it still works great as a media and game player.

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