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Comment Re:I agree (Score 2) 435

I saw it in 2d, but hated the way it's shot. Movies shot for 3d use a very narrow depth of field. It's necessary because you can only focus at one distance because the screen is a fixed distance away. It completely wrecks the staging and immersion for me because now you can only see the thing they want you to focus on.

Comment Open Source to the Rescue (Score 1) 164

I feel like in a way we need more open source firmware options. Sure most of these run Linux, but it's the configuration and front end custom software that's the problem. If there were a good standard open source distribution for different devices that was secure by default maybe this would be better.

Comment Re:Online voting (Score 1) 92

It's bad news really.

It should be trivial to do a good electronic voting system. Electronic touch screen to do your vote and count it, with a two paper receipts printed for you to check. One you keep for yourself and the other you put in a ballot box for recounting. The electronic count would provide the main count on the night to indicate the result, the paper receipt is available for recounting with scrutineers and the voter can verify that the receipt matches their intentions.

However if they did do it, they'd contract Diebold and IBM because they give executives really nice golf hats. We all know Diebold and IBM can't do i++ accurately.

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