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Comment Alone (Score 1) 520

Alone. Everyone knows that quality developers work best alone, in a quiet or otherwise musically suitable environment. It is convenient to have other developers close if you need some actual conversation or questioning, but sitting at a round table sounds like bad news to me.

Comment Re:easy (Score 1) 397

The funny thing is, in terms of function, nose picking is not only acceptable but mandatory. Society just prefers that we not allow anyone to see us perform this action. Possibly even funnier, society prefers us to expel the items in our nose all over the damn place, rather than carefully removing the unwanted material. Kinda gross, I know, but still odd to me.

Comment Re:it was only a matter of time (Score 3, Insightful) 451

You don't have to be raised in a ghetto to be affected by the oppression that all minorities feel. There's plenty of well educated minorities who grew up middle class who deal with bigotry and oppression every day. Just because Obama does not fit *your* stereotypical ideal of an oppressed black man does not mean he abandons the right to speak out as a person who is affected adversely as a minority. Secondly, I do not agree with all that Obama does, but I do generally support Democratic candidates. Why is that my intellectual and emotional support for the 1st black president has to be pigeonholed as some type of religious messiah seeking? Is my general support of Obama as a leading American figure different than the views held by many conservatives of Ronald Reagan? Liberals may disagree with the love conservatives have for Reagan, but we do not simply dismiss it as the seeking and following of a messiah. And on top of all that, liberals are the intellectuals, conservatives the emotionals. So who the hell are you to scream messiah?

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Being in a relationship is not easy, more than half of all first marriages fail in this country. That statistic doesn't improve if you spend most of your time reading your favorite website and not tending to the needs of your family. Instead of asking me to help fix your relationship maybe you should try playing with your kids, talking to your wife, and not staring at a computer screen all day. You should realize that the help link doesn't provide help with your life. It's mostly for getting passwords and stuff. Below you'll find a collection of people that should have reached out to Dr. Phil and not Dr. Sam.

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