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Comment Re:Whoop, whoop! Hypocrisy alarm! (Score -1, Troll) 264

where did I say 'all emulation is piracy' exactly? if you're running an emulator on your PC and reading the PSX/PS2 original disks, then no problem - but oh, where did you get hold of the PS2 bios your emulator uses? did you dump it yourself, or did you download it from the web? that, along with grabbing copies of the ISOs and roms is piracy.

Comment Whoop, whoop! Hypocrisy alarm! (Score 0, Troll) 264

it's true the issue is to do with hardware, but note this: the iControlPad team are up in arms talking about 'their rights' and how they've been 'ripped off' and 'infringed' yet if you visit their site you will see they are more than happy to promote this - through screen-shots and videos - as method for running pirated games, such as Super Mario Kart and (what looks like) Mario Brothers DS. Could that be... 'hypocrisy'?

Comment Re:Correct (Score 2, Informative) 522

don't think you understand the issue. if you have history turned on, Firefox save your history to your places.sqlite file. if you subsequenty decide to 'remove your history' it might delete rows from the db, but the data is still available in the file - until sqlite overwrite it - which may be 'never' if you turn off history completely if i have a bookmark setup and then decide to remove the bookmark some time later, why can everybody still see what i've chosen to remove in the bookmarkbackups directory? you seem to have a problem with what the word 'remove' means

Comment Re:Correct (Score 5, Interesting) 522

do you not think that Firefox is becoming the new IE? If I can remember correctly through my drunken history of the last 8 years, Firefox was first promoted as an alternative the bloated Mozilla - and quite rightly so. Recently though, despite all the releases and the announcements on brand new 10x-faster JavaScript interpreters I find it's bogging down to an almost unusable level.
Once upon a time there used to be configuration to permit or deny javascript to run - now this is split into 12 different parameters, 7 of which are hidden behind the about:config screen. The default is now for pages to be able to open windows hiding the menu and status bar. WTF?
Once upon a time there used to an option to open new pages as a tab or in a new window - now this is split into 2 different parameters ( and which make no sense to anybody.
Do you expect 'backspace' to go 'backwards' in your browsing history? Everybody does - on all browsers, except for the Linux release of Firefox - for no understandable reason they decided that the Linux Firefox should do nothing upon pressing backspace, but all other versions should continue the convention.
Do you actively use the overly complicated features of the re-written Bookmarks functionality on Firefox 3.x? I don't, nobody in my office (20 people) does. Everybody hate it.
And lastly... privacy. Firefox 3.x made a real big push for 'privacy'. They said 'you can toggle private browsing on and off' - and 'you can delete browsing history over the last hour, day, month etc..". SUPER LIE. Try deleting your history (everything!) then go to your .mozilla/firefox/{UID}.profile directory. Now...try running 'strings' on your places.sqlite file and try running strings on the files in the bookmarkbackups directory. Yeh, privacy, HUH?

Comment HD Guru website claims Bogus "Copyright date" (Score 0) 248

Fewer than two minutes after HDGuru criticised Best Buy for their sloppily worded '3d glasses sync offer', its latest webpage (check the bottom of the submission page) claims an invalid copyright date. The webpage states a copyright date of 2008. The website's only problem is that it's now 2010 and there is no such thing as authoring content in 2010 and then claiming a copyright date of 2008.

We await HDGuru's corporate response to this hilarity.

Comment Re:Flying cars are coming soon! (Score 1) 135

i searched for 'atom' and the first article was from the early 50s envisaging the first atomic planes (which will be ready by 1960 - and atomic jets by 1980). they'll transmit power by pumping liquid metal to the propellors - and thus will have to be drained at the end of flight. flying wings as well. simply incredible

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