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Comment Re:remote X is garbage anyway (Score 1) 337

I use XDMCP over SSH all the time, daily.

I also use KRDC as well.

I have no issues with using it.

I don't wan't need waycrap. I don't need or want another layer for X to run on.

Improve on X, rewrite X so long as it is X and fully 100% backward compatible and 100% INCLUDES XDMCP.

Just because you whippersnappers don't get it or use is not my problem.

Comment Re:And this is why (Score 1) 946

nVidia has told the Linux community repeated, their drivers will be closed binary drivers, period.

Time to quit this BS crap nonsense, and just accept it. 99.999999999999999999999% users could not give a damn what license your software is, or if the source code is available or any of that. All they want to do is use their hardware.

This is simply being a bunch jerks to try to force a change in the operation of a company. They've told YOU to FUCK OFF! So lets just all move on.. Allow the use of whats needed to fix this mess and move on! GROW UP DEVELOPERS! This is not the school yard and you not get to try and bully back the bullies of the past.

GROW UP AND LETS SUPPORT the OEM's who are actively helping and developing drivers for thier hardware on Linux.

Comment Re:A Nation That Can't Mow a Lawn (Score 1) 525

"Do they still even teach woodshop in schools?"

I don't know if they still do, but this along with home ec, graphic arts, metal shop, typing, yes ACTUAL TYPING, and that class was mandatory! Its now become a keyboarding and intro to clicking mostly, was taught in my HS and middle school. You had to have credits in this to graduate, and this is from one of the top 5 districts in the state then, and now.

As for mowing/yard work... a perfect example is right next door. Two very able bodied rugrats that do no mowing, yard work of any sort. The parent(s) do it! The yard is over grown until one of them decides to do something about it. These two rugrats (preen/teen) never venture out... My parents would not have, and did not allow this! As much as I wanted to spend Sat. watching Scooby Doo and others, I was forced to do the yard work, mow, trim, rake leaves, shovel snow, etc... I still do it now decades later! As I don't (and won't ever) have any slave errr rugrats labor to do it! And whats even worse the parents work at Home Depot! One is even a manager!

Those two rugrats would be out there mowing, trimming, etc. and not doing what ever it is they are doing.

I know how to do electrical work, can do basic painting etc.. Woodworking stuff, nope, plumbing, NO WAY! For one I have no interest in them. I have built and repair computers for decades since the whole DIY PC market came about. Thats all my own personal systems have been since 1983. I also dabble in electronics, and can build from schematics etc.. I just don't have a lot time to do that, and now days with the SMD stuff, the equipment needed to do that is just outrageously priced. Although some of the test equipment has come down like DSO, sig gens, etc.. but of course its all made in one place.

Comment Re:Problems? Really? (Score 0) 663

Have to agree with this...


And nVidia is the ONLY VIDEO CARD I choose, period.

I will NOT choose ati even though AMD owns them, and I ONLY USE AMD processors.

Linus can whine all he wants, the fact that nVidia has told the kernel to take KMS and to stick it! nVidia asked for a change to help support that abomination that is optimus etc. and the Kernel Illumanti got their hoity tootiy tudes out and and said no... no you can keep the the party line about this or that on GPL, open source ...

I do NOT CARE.. I use ONLY the OEM drivers, and thats all I will ever use. Open source is not the be all end all reason as to why I use Linux... and if Linus continues with his idiotic drivel I just may be a BSD user!

I have a response for Linus... F*** YOU!

Comment Re:Using X's power? (Score 1) 128

'remote windowing feature'? That's like saying http has a 'remote web page download feature' because you can connect to an http server from another machine. The whole point of X is that it is a network protocol from the ground up. It's designed for environments where applications are run over networks; unfortunately nowadays the PC model of computing has won, which is why 'remote windowing' looks like an extra 'feature'.

It MAY LOOK this way, but "cloud" computing is nothing more than the resurection of time share systems of the past on mainframe and minis.

XDMCP and X via SSH will play an even more important role in this "new cloud" world.

The fact that the developers of certain software, cough wayland cough, was not even alive when X and thin computing or using a TTY60 on a dial up modem, shows that forgetting history is just as applicable to computer/technology as it is to the real world.

And NO the "PC model" has not won.... I just took an agency back to thin computing clients using X/XDMCP on local LAN, and remotely via VPN for their day to day ops. All the issues with slow PC's went out the door when Linux was installed and none of the wasteful resource hogging "security" software was no longer needed! Add in the cost savings... HUGE WIN.

Comment Re:Wht not sound? (Score 2) 128

So... do what every one else does.... DONT USE IT!

I removed it via a hack... by doing a force hack mv on the pulsecrap bin... hackish very hackish.

Now I just remove the packages in synaptic and let ALSA take over in Phonon like it should.

So just remove it and go back to doing what you were doing.

Yes its an uneeded and annoying to have to do this, but just like the other PITA project, WAYLAND, the too young to have been alive when X or ALSA came about have their heads buried on what is the "better path."

Comment Re:Does it still have the deal-breaker? (Score 1) 134

If you update to at least 4.8.2, you will see that the semantic desktop stuff barely causes a blip on your CPU load.

Thats NOT the only reason for disabling it! I do NOT want an INDEX of my system! Period! If you can see the implications of this, then you don't understand why having a pre existing index of your system is not good for your. Regardless of whether your doing any thing that would trigger this problem, its an issue.

Its like many things, bored programmers fixing a problem that does NOT EXIST.

Comment Re:Does it still have the deal-breaker? (Score 3, Insightful) 134

I'm not sure about the full body email search, but if you wanted to do that wouldn't you want semantic desktop? I guess what you're asking is how to have such an option in KMail without having to include the entire kitchen sink that is the semantic desktop? I think you can pick and choose the services that nepomuk uses, but I would be out of my element on that since I just turn the whole thing off. If there isn't a way to filter nepomuk to only be used for KMail, then that would be a great request.

No, I don't use semantic desktop, and I don't need my entire system indexed for one program to have a search function. The search function was working quite fine in KMail till this "enahancement/improvement" with nepoturkey.

First, since I can't even import the huge existing maildirs with out success in the latest version.

Second, since I disable nepoturkey on install I loose the ability to search emails.. thats WRONG! WRONG WRONG W R O N G ! ! !

Semantic, schemantic, phooey! Some KDE dev's are just too young and isolated to understand the userbase. You want this as an OPTION GREAT have at, just don't borq up the rest of it for the REAL USERS.

Comment Re:Does it still have the deal-breaker? (Score 1) 134

"Not that anybody actually ever used kmail anyway. I'll give you a secret hint: you can perfectly well use thunderbird under kde.

To be honest, in 10 years of using KDE (from the late 2.x versions) it never shipped with a high quality mail client. Usable, yes, but not up to par with thunderbird or even to the Opera mail client or, nowadays, gmail"

Wrong! I've used KMail since, well forever. No! thunderchicken is NOT up to the task, and KMail is/was {till 4.8} a HIGH QUALITY mail client. It works just the way I want it to, and my gmail gets imported in daily to it quite nicely. Which I can't do in the latest release, nor can I even migrate to it as its mail migration utility has been borqed since this "improvement" with akondai.

Really everyone derides akonadi, strigi, nepoturkey, yet at every turn its shoved down users throats!

Fine if YOU DEVELOPERS think its oh so great use it! Let the REST OF US REAL USERS continue on with WHAT WORKS!


Submission + - Oracle v. Google And The Right To Use APIs (

jfruh writes: "Even as an EU court rules that APIs can't be copyrighted, tech observers are waiting for the Oracle v. Google trial jury to rule on the same question under U.S. law. Blogger Brian Proffitt spoke with Groklaw's Pamela Jones on the issue, and her take is that a victory for Oracle would be bad news for developers. Essentially, Oracle is claming that, while an individual API might not be copyrightable, the collection of APIs needed to use a language is. Such a decision would, among other things, make Java's open source nature essentially meaningless, and would have lots of implications for any programming language you can name."

Comment Re:Can somebody lay out what it would mean..... (Score 2) 118

April Fools was Sunday... Nice try...

None of that is even remotely going to happen.

The only thing LtT (Larry the Tyrannt) wants is $$$$ to purchase more yachts.

The only that is going to happen is appeal regardless of who wins, and the only way the google can put this ogre out of business is to slay it with some sort of the same crap... patents...and lawsuits.... not my thing... but that unfortunately is now the norm, sadly.

Comment Re:California (Score 1) 398

In most states, you are REQUIRED to use headlights, NOT DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS (DRL), but HEADLIGHTS during rain or fog or smoke.

I can't believe the the Republik of Nannyfornia doesn't have this, but has a law requiring that a business has to track down owners of lost property and allows a certain company in the general SF bay area to run around with their own gestapo to enforce state law, when they have no qualifications or standing to do so.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 381

"Especially since you watch once and never watch again."

Incorrect, I watch nearly all of the DVD's many times, just depends on my mood, lack of original programming being aired at the time... but then I prefer older films from the 30-60's v. newer ones. I can put TCM on and let it play any day any time and get better programming than most newer stuff.

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