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Comment Damn Shame (Score 1) 200

It really is a shame. Eink, for textual media, is superior in many ways to LCD. Before Amazon released the Kindle Fire there was rumor of them developing a color eInk reader. Amazon was the driving force behind eInk screen development. I am not saying that the eInk Kindle was open. But, now Amazon is just another multi-media pusher trying to get you to lock in to their bastardized Android tablet.

Submission + - Cygnus ISS Resupply Vehicle Explodes on Lift Off

An anonymous reader writes: Several seconds after lifting off on schedule at 6:22PM, and clearing its tower, the Cygnus Antares rocket slipped back, crashing into the launch facility and exploding. A large fireball consumed the vehicle and caused apparently significant damage to the facility.

Comment Re:Low hanging fruit (Score 1) 174

Fire trucks also have several power take-off accessories like water pumps that may run for hours fighting a large fire. In the context of this article if the turbine generator can supply power for all the accessories for an extended period of time then you should be OK. But that is definitely not going to make the cost of the truck cheaper.

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