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Comment check Slide8 for a laugh (Score 1) 282

so they spent the last few years making each version look different ("native"), and now they want to make them all look the same again? great. how about: 1) the crashes and memleaks that are still there. firefox is currently using 2.3GB RAM on my Mint11 system and it's only been running a few hours since it last crashed. 2) the horrendously inefficient database format used for local storage. anyone tried using FF over NFS? it takes twice as long to start as opera, and about 5x as long as Chromium. Now i realise not the same people work on that stuff as on UI design, but that picture of the airflow around sports car? Slide8. hilarious. someone is getting paid to produce this rubbish? depressing.

Comment the reason this is important for xbox users (Score 1) 57

is that since the xbox split, XBMC mainline has changed to a new "Addon" system, meaning all current plugins wouldn't work on the Xbox - that is, if it weren't for this X4X v3 work. the range of plugins available now have made even LAN shares of "aquired" content pretty much obselete.. check out: iPlayer (if in the UK) Icefilms Navi-X and others: prepare to be blown away if you've not used XBMC for a few years.. and the Xbox is still good enough for almost all the plugin content as that's SD Xvid anyway for streaming.

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