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Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 2) 413

I fucking HATE this argument that if something like Linux is not working out for me, I have no reason to criticize because it's free. That's great, so I'll just use Windows then because it gives me less pain, now what? People will spend money if it saves them some pain.

Being free is NOT a reason to abstain being critical of its quality. Nothing gets better if they keep their standards low. I'm not saying Windows 8 is amazing or anything - I do think it was something of a misstep for Microsoft. But after years of trying Linux, always giving up because it was too flakey, or didn't run the software I wanted, or had too many problems with hardware, it's fucking ended as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather live with Windows 8 than try another Linux distro for as long as I live, and don't really give a damn what the zealots think.

Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 2) 413

Shouldn't have posted that. Better to let them wallow in their own ignorance rather than correct them with information which is very, very easy to find on the net. They've already made up their mind because if they really wanted to know the truth, they would have found out by now.

Comment Re:Oh hell no (Score 1) 413

Well, guess we don't need MSDN subscriptions anymore then now that they're fucking useless.

Apart from the fact you hate Microsoft and are probably not willing to listen to reason, MSDN subs are great because they provide access to almost all of Microsoft's software repository. Just because Win 8.1 isn't going to be released early on MSDN does not invalidate the preexisting benefits of having the sub.

Comment No shit (Score 5, Insightful) 82

Yeah, people fucking pointed this multiple times (here and elsewhere), but this rather important tidbit was lost among the noise that is misguided Internet rage.

The Internet is extremely good at pushing things out of context or missing that little bit of info that completely changes the meaning of something. Like that image of Will Smith's family looking shocked over Miley Cyrus' act at the VMAs even though the picture-in-picture clearly showed it was Lady Gaga's act. But hey, people love to not pay attention to the details. It's faster that way.

Comment Re:Is it ready for the desktop ? (Score 2) 151

A lot of the times no longer maintained could stand for 'Project is stable enough'

Strongly disagree. Maintenance isn't just about fixing bugs - it's also about making sure the damn thing keeps running after the environment changes. Newer toolkits, libraries, heck various distro changes can result in an unmaintained project not even compiling anymore without changes, which may or may not be trivial. Maintenance ensures said project can survive while everything changes.

In Windows, maintenance isn't so important because Windows is extremely capable in terms of backwards compatibility. Linux is not quite as capable because of the availability of source for most of its software, as there's an assumption that a recompile is enough in most cases when running on newer distros. But things change enough that maintenance is still an important part, particularly for open-source software. A project without maintenance is something you should stay away from if you think you'll be using it for the long term.

Comment Re:When a secret is a criminal act, it's evidence. (Score 1) 491

He gave them directly to foreign nationals, end of story. He could have given them to members of congress, state legislators, or the mayor of his home town for christ's sake.

If the system is corrupt, trying to work within the rules of the system is going to lead nowhere. They're far too well-insulated against anything which should rock the boat, and for those who ARE part of the system but aren't quite corrupted yet, there aren't many people willing to risk their necks to rock said boat when it will just straight up again after they're gone.

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