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Comment Re:That's not how end-to-end encryption works (Score 1) 282

"If not, good luck keeping London as the de-facto headquarters for the financial sector in Europe."

Interestingly enough, none of this legislation applies at all, whatsoever, to those financial institutions, not because they have been exempted from this legilstaion, but because these institutions are located within a sovereign corporate state that exists centered in London City, ambiguously named The City of London. This state is absolutely outside of the law of Great Britain. It is also known by another name - "the Crown". "The Crown" is not a reference to the queen nor royal family head, but to this corporation-dominated state. Have you ever heard of a "crown colony"? Those were run by this corporate oligarchy, ever protected from the laws of democratic republics.

Comment Reasons for Independence (Score 1) 232

Independent Reasons:

  * we lack transparent, responsible government for the people by the people
  * considering the size of our local population, we cannot expect to be adequately represented by a territorial government as large as the USG; the representative to represented ratio difference is far too large
  * the culture of the people demands local governance

Offenses of the standing government against the people:

  * for forgetting the founding principles of this nation
  * for failure to respect the constitution & the law
  * for the constant aggression, manipulation, & violence against foreign sovereign neighbors for the purpose of enriching private interests
  * for the use of the draft to force men into roles of said private wars
  * for failure to declare war in times of war
  * for the maintenance of standing armies in times of peace
  * for favoring people with wealth in cases of justice
  * for the delegation of control of the people's money supply to private interests
  * for the rampant bribing of politicians at all levels
  * for the theft of the people's property, by force & inflation, & of the right to use gold and silver
  * for allowing monopolies to embed themselves in the market place & stifle innovation
  * for the creation of legislation enabling some men to pay an unfair portion of taxes
  * for the extension of copyrights & patents to such lengths as to result in less progress & competition & resulting in a theft of public property
  * for the absolute invasion of privacy of all men
  * for the constant blatant lies & distortion of facts when addressing the people
  * for the infringement of the natural rights of man to live & travel in peace
  * for the infringement on the right to bear arms
  * for the harassment and aggression towards people without a home
  * for the imprisonment of the people into a system known to increase uncivilized behavior & deprive men of safety & sanity
  * for committing acts of aggression against the people exercising their liberty by consuming mind-altering substances

Comment The Words of the former NSA Tech Director (Score 5, Informative) 118

"If I am anywhere in the USA, and am talking on my cellphone, can the government hear me? And are they recording? And can they use it against me at any time?"

"Yes." -- Bill Binney, former NSA Tech Director. Worked for NSA 37 years


"Bulk surveillance is not necessary to protect anybody. NSA tries to track everyone on the planet. google: the program Treasuremap. OS's are absolutely not safe!" -- Bill Binney, former NSA Tech Director. Worked for NSA 37 years

Comment Re:Done to _gouge_ the customer better (Score 2) 379

"If someone says, "to my perspective, 4 > 3 is false""
Nothing that he said is as black and white as the example that you provided.

"No, you'd say, "That guy is kind of an idiot""
Never would I insult a person, especially publicly, because I believe them to be incorrect, no matter how incorrect. I would publicly point out how incorrect I believe them to be.

I would also immediately fire anyone who goes around flinging insults at the other people I have invited to work under me.

Comment Re:Hostile governments... (Score 1) 124

That's why the US was explicitly not a democracy, but a constitutional republic with a democratic elective process.

A republic is not supposed to have a power greater than any individual citizen. The rights remain with the people.

A democracy, based on majority vote, can strip the rights of the people and redistribute them as they please.

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