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Comment Re: No? (Score 1) 312

Which things were declared unconstitutional by the judicial branch?

You seem to under the misapprehension that the opinions of courts make something constitutional or unconstitutional. No. It's the text of the constitution that makes it so. For example, Obergefell v. Hodges did not make it unconstitutional for the states to deny equal protection of the law to gay couples; it became unconstitutional long ago, when Amendment XIV took effect. If some future right-wing court undoes the Obergefell decision, it will still be unconstitutional and illegal for the states to deny equal protection.

Comment Re:And how did this help Justina? (Score 2) 294

Did you know she even existed yesterday?

No, but his actions didn't bring me any closer to knowing the unbiased facts about her case. Knowing about her only means I know about yet another unresolved problem.

The only thing publicizing his statement did was ensure that lots of underinformed+unqualified people now hold a strong opinion on it. Depending on the facts, that could hurt her more than it helps her.

Comment Re:Last resort (Score 2) 294

How can we condemn the "last resort" actions of any individual trying to bring about just and proper changes?

Where do we draw the line?

Deciding to take action because you believe -- rightly or wrongly -- that there's an ongoing injustice that no one else is going to fix, is the recipe for terrorism, without regard to ideology.

A line needs to be drawn somewhere. I doubt that it's possible to create a society where no one ever gets screwed (even to death), but it would be far worse if we didn't try to draw a line and enforce it.


Comment Re:Lets hope its better than the last few series (Score 1) 153

It's a controversial opinion, but while I thought season 7 was mostly terrible, I actually liked where they went with the last season and actually hold it up as a rare example of a show managing to breath new life into something that's gone stale by introducing a major plot development near the end.

Nothing beats the scene of Kat trying to get sent to the hospital.

Comment Re: Fake GPS location spoofer (Score 1) 395

Why don't you just not use a device w/ Google software on it?

Because due to the way that capitalism corrodes market choice and reduces product quality, I have two viable choices for a smartphone: walled-garden bullshit from Google, or walled-garden bullshit from Apple. Since GOOG's walls are a little lower and I can climb over them more easily, I take that lesser of evils...along with a sledgehammer to break down those walls.

Comment Re:Russia would have nada If the US system was hon (Score 1) 531

The current 2 party duopoly is a corrupt manipulative mess [...].

The parliamentary system sounds much fairer, but is more subject to letting radicals get total control of a country.

Both Hillary and Trump are AWFUL candidates.

Hillary is only AWFUL if you believe all the right-wing smears. I've actually come to think more highly of her after following all the bogus scandal stories we're being fed.

People on the left generally wish she was more liberal. Bernie's views matched mine better than hers do, but there's about a negative chance that he would get a congress that would let him pursue his agenda. (Even centrist Hillary probably won't.) Also, Bernie showed several times that he's too hot-headed for the job.

Comment Re:So then Hillary is the warmonger (Score 1) 531

Trump is working for Trump and is not going to work for either the Russians or the American people.

I almost feel sorry for all those social conservatives who say they're voting for him due to the all-important supreme court nominations. As if he actually cares about their agenda.

Comment Re:Why bother? The overt stuff is bad enough (Score 1) 531

Also Trump himself is already going on about how the election will be rigged - he's deliberately sowing distrust in the election.

What's funny is that he has also said the primaries were rigged. Where does that leave his nomination?

Frankly I don't think he's "sowing" anything - he's just saying whatever crackpot idea crosses his mind while he's talking.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 76

Right. Levinthals paradox makes the Earths age a DONTCARE. Order-of proton life-time to form one amuzing polypeptide. Since life can't happen at all, it can only happen once.

Actually it's about folding into a specific configuration rather than "forming". Also it assumes no mechanism other than chance, which is where lots of these arguments go astray.

Comment Re: Next Phase (Score 1) 644

When someone is sitting on your chest and slamming the back of your head into the sidewalk, you can shoot him in any State, stand your ground or otherwise.

Not when that someone is defending themselves against your assault, no. You cannot attack someone and then claim self-defense. It was Trayvon Martin who had the legal and moral right to stand his ground that night; it's unfortunate that the bad guy was armed and got away with it.

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