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Journal Journal: slashdot CSS formatting weirdness. 2

I keep getting this weirdness. When I load slashdot, (using Mozilla Firebird, maybe different builds - at work and home), very often the text to the main page starts at the edge of the screeen - underneath the siebar - making things completely unreadable.. or it will do the same, but indented a little bit, still legible.. but annoying. worse yet is when only the slashdot logo shows up, and 3 green horizontal bars. Nothing else. If i go back, and then forward - it formats perfectly. ugh. any ideas?
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Journal Journal: Posting Mania

Wow, I've been on a real posting spree recently. I generally read and discuss articles with friends over icq or in the office - whatever, but recently I've been dumping a lot of this down to slashdot itself. I wonder if i'm going overboard - or how often your "average" slashdot reader posts in a day.

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