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Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 110

Only because they have more specialized picks and skills needed to deal with them. Circular locks aren't inherently harder to pick, merely less common that a locksmith or someone nefearious will have the tools to do so, or have practiced on them since they aren't commonly used.

Security seems more to be about "Hey, it's easier to go over there and break into THAT, don't bother with THIS."

Comment Re:Exactly what I need... (Score 1) 99

I actually have a colony (on purpose) of this species (C. floridanus) next to my desk in a very nice formicaria. They are wonderful, large ants to watch and enjoy, even ifyou REALLY do not want to put your hand in the container.

If they get pissed, they tend to bite then spray formic acid into the wound. Not pleasant... but they're still cute.

Comment Re:And walking around with it ... (Score 5, Insightful) 67

Why, exactly, are you on a site with the motto "news for nerds"?

Seriously, why would people whine about this? It's a cute little hack, and people are... ahem, up in arms over it. Live a little. Laugh a little. Stop trying to be "grown up". Are you 16 or something, and trying to appear older? Trust me, when you get older, you'll have enough of that in your life. Things like this will make you smile, even if you personally don't wish to make it.

Stop trying to tell others how "adult" you are.

Comment Re:Someone doesn't understand basic relativity (Score 1) 81

Except there's no tower to help stabilize if winds kick up, or if you tilt slightly, there's no upward force to keep you going.. CoM is a bigger problem on descent than on launch (though still a problem in either case!!)

Also, when you touch down, if you have any angular momentum... Bowling pins, anyone?

Comment Re:Reeeallly? (Score 1) 554

So we should go back to the horse driven carriage? How exactly would this work, and where would all these horses be kept, pray tell, with the current population being what it is? This is a question of gas prices, not "oh hey, we should never have let the genie out of the bottle!"

It's out. Those things are here. Can things be more efficient? YES. Can we curb our need for gasoline? Please, let's, and if gas companies were smart, they would be researching that very thing at break neck speed, so they could continue to meet our energy needs in the future. But this isn't going to suddenly stop the need for gasoline in the near future.

I'd love to see sources on this "downside" of gasoline prices being "too low". It makes people buy bigger cars??! Only idiots buy huge gas guzzlers. They were doing that during the worst part of the recession. Why? Status, nothing to do with gas prices. They wanted to have the biggest penis on the block. I see these vehicles constantly, but I live near all kinds of rich people. Those folks NEVER stopped buying huge gas guzzlers. They flout the ability to throw money away in everyone's face.

Comment Reeeallly? (Score 2) 554

I wonder who's actually behind this message? I mean, most folks aren't exactly going to come up with a mythical downside to "low gas prices". Who even goes, "Oh my god, gas prices are too low!" when they wake up in the morning?

No one. No one who isn't in the gas industry. Lower gas prices mean higher possible margins for those selling gas. Low gas prices mean you get more money for your buck on your long drive to work, that your bread costs less in the store, etc, etc, ad nauseum. .

Comment Re:Making is for losers. (Score 2) 56

YEAH! Give up any form of creativity or control! Let's keep anything innovative or interesting out of the hands of normal, every day people! What the heck do they know? Let Sony and Microsoft and Apple make things, because they're infinitely more creative and innovative than this guy, who made a neat looking toy that looks fun to use and enjoyable to put together! Screw all that! Be happy with the nondescript thing in the box on the shelf, that everyone else has, too, so you don't have to think on your own!

Down with science, down with brai--

Wait, why are you even on Slashdot?

Comment Re:One bad apple spoils the barrel (Score 5, Insightful) 1134

That's the problem though. When I was in high school, not everyone in the school abused me each day. No, the problem was the 10-20 kids who decided they had to punch someone so they could go home that day, and I was apparently an easy mark. Great fun, let me tell you.

It never requires a huge number of people to oppress an individual or group. It takes others who are willing to do so by force. Written word can be force, too.

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