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Comment Re:First Bid! (Score 1) 217

Or how about OSS community buying the IP assets they tried to claim that they owned through the trials, and once those assets are bought then give them freely to the community.

I realize that giving money to SCO leaves a bad taste in my mouth and the courts have ruled that there wasn't any infringement to begin with, but at least MS can't use that FUD to curtail companies from using Linux.

My $0.02.

Comment Re:Your official guide to the Jigaboo presidency (Score 0, Offtopic) 140

That's why logs are keep at the ISPs. Get the police involved and the time of the post, and they can identify the people or bots behind it.

With the language the same in every single post, why doesn't slashdot just filter this out to the garbage before it gets posted.

Maybe we should have a "-1 hate crime" mod, and the overlords can determine what to do with it. As it is, I only see myself or other mods pushing it down, thus wasting one of my mod points whereas I can be modding someone "+1 interesting" instead.

Comment Re:Your official guide to the Jigaboo presidency (Score -1, Offtopic) 140

I could mark this one down as a troll as well, but what's the point since he is wasting one of my mod points in doing so, and it will just post this hate garbarge in another posting.

Has anyone contacted the police and get IP records and get this bozo charged with hate crimes? We do live in the 21st century; language, culture and humanity has moved waaaaaaay past this, and there are laws that are being broken here. Although I think this behavior shouldn't have been allowed to happen then and definitely not now. I am getting upset that I keep seeing this and have to waste time and points burying it, and have seen people posting that to just "ignore it and it will go away", but it hasn't gone away.

I really don't know why after so many months, we are allowing this clown to continue posting. The wording and language is almost exactly the same. So, why doesn't the filter pick this up and log IP and delete the post? Do the overlords in slashdot secretly agree with this language and choose to let this continue.

I come to slashdot to read and comment on various IT / science topics and may not agree with everyone here, but we can be civilized about it.

White guy that hates racism in all forms.

P.S. Sorry for the rant, but this has gone on for too far. This will be the last time I will waste any of my time commenting on this or using mod points to deal with it. Mod me into oblivion if you wish to do so, but its your conscience.

Comment Re:Oh, I dunno, try making the error messages usef (Score 1) 951

The blame lies with LAZY system designers and LAZY developers.

Since we're spreading blame, then don't forget the lazy QA department for not testing that, and the lazy BA for not writing sufficient specs, or the data architect who thinks that a CustomerID should only be an INT.

I believe that the root of these issues arises from poor specs that the developer and QA consume to produce code / unit tests that ultimately fail in the end product. I've worked for many companies throughout my career and almost every time this issue occurs it can be pointed to the BA producing the original spec. Most times the BA is over worked / inexperienced and management isn't interested in spending more time on the front of projects to get things done right, or the end users don't want to invest time in working with the BA to get things right. I've seen it all.

Lots of blame to go around, just don't pile it on the developers.

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