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Comment What moron runs the IT department (Score 0) 35

With all the resources of the federal government, are you telling me we can't find someone who is competent enough to plug up these leaks. It's official then, the government hires tools that will follow the union, government, political line instead of competent individuals. Another reason to get rid of government unions so we can start firing these idiots and hire competent people who care more about their country instead of their job.

Comment These rules are BS (Score 0) 64

The new rules are guaranteed to make sure White Space never gets developed. It's more of the Cellular companies and Google running the government for their own profit and screwing the moron voters. White Space only allows a 4MHz channel which means it's literally useless. In some cities, there is only 1 channel available. Then there is the fact that White Space manufacturers have spent years trying to get to market with BS rules and the government just goes out and changes them again. This ruling means the White Space manufacturers have to go back and reengineer their products. Tom Wheeler is a tool of big business and this proves it. The big carriers want as much spectrum as the an get below 1GHz and they don't want competition.

Comment Governments are preventing internet, not helping. (Score 0) 204

Let's get some reality into this argument since the cause and effect is totally bogus. 1) The reason many companies don't upgrade their infrastructure is the cost of laying new cable is totally ridiculous. The cost of pulling the cable is only part of the problem. The other part of the problem that adds thousands to tens of thousands per customer is the onerous regulations each city has. Many of those regulations are in place to prevent competitors from coming into an area. It's also why Google has cancelled most of their fiber installations. 2) Other technologies such as wireless over unlicensed frequencies instead of licensed frequencies are demonstrating speeds up to 250Mbps today and working on even faster speeds tomorrow, up to 5Gbs. This costs about $200-$250 per household, just pennies compared to fiber or copper. Unfortuntately, the FCC, at the urging of Senators, Congressmen, and the cellular industry, keep auctioning off the frequencies that would allow smaller operators to compete against them. The answer isn't having government run anything. They are rife with corruption, inefficiency, and bureaucracy. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea has never worked with any government agencies.

Comment Holder is a hypocritical liar (Score 1) 55

If it's a Fox News reporter, Holder tears the guys life apart and even runs phone taps on his mother and threatens Fox News. In the case of a reporter for the New York Times, he publicly says it's okay. The difference being he already tore apart the NYT times reporter's life. Holder should be in jail for violating the privacy rights of both reporters and attempting to intimidate the press from monitoring and reporting the corruption of Holder and Obama.

Comment Re:This from the country that banned Michael Savag (Score 1) 208

Wow, love the insults. Nice job. I can always tell a liberal then the insults have more substance than the content or when their lips are moving, you take your pick. Unfortunately, your definition of liberal no longer applies to the real world but please keep holding on to that. Liberals are about free speech, unless it disagrees with them. And your definition of Conservative in Great Britain died with Maggie Thatcher. Unfortunately, she was the last one with any gonads who have led your country. Your view on Israel is simply a denial of the maniacal radical fundamentalist terrorists that exist only to kill the Jewish race. Israel has every right to contain this disease and exterminate as necessary. Since Iran is funding these psychos, Israel has every right to do whatever they need to since nobody else will, including President Idiot Obama. What part of my explanation are you not going to twist with lies. I know exactly what a Socialist is and the failures of every single one of them. If you think insulting me makes you look better, I really don't care. You clearly have no moral or ethical foundation to stand on based on your positions. I know the Democratic party in the United States would gladly accept you if you decide to come here.

Comment Re:This from the country that banned Michael Savag (Score 1) 208

Michael Savage is a talk show host. Lumping him in with terrorist is ridiculous and only served the liberal wing who doesn't want to hear opposing views. So tell my why a Conservative speaker should be banned for any reason other than liberal censorship. That was when you crossed a line that you can't go back from. Israel is pretty much the best ally the U.S. has at this point although Obama and the Democrats have instituted more Socialism now than Canada and the U.K..

Comment This from the country that banned Michael Savage (Score 1) 208

Great, UK, one of great U.S. allies is following the Australia and Chinese models of censoring what the government doesn't like. We should send the IRS and Obama handles, err, Democratic operatives, over there to teach them how to violate the citizens freedom of speech rights in a more subtle manner.

Evaluating Or Testing Utility SCADA Security? 227

EncryptedBit writes "I am a local elected official involved in bringing new water and waste water treatment plants online in a small town. The new plants will incorporate SCADA, which can be used to change operational aspects at the plants, up to forcing a shutdown or changing operational parameters. Can any Slashdotters recommend ways to make sure it is secure? Any testing recommendations? The operational engineers are oblivious to security and SCADA is a new factor, so this concerns me. Any pointers would be appreciated."
PlayStation (Games)

Best Buy Unapologetic About Charging For PS3 Firmware Updates 454

donniebaseball23 writes "After discovering that electronics retailer Best Buy was charging ignorant customers $30 for the 'service' of installing updated firmware on PS3s, IndustryGamers got word from the company on its policy. Best Buy sees no problem with charging for this convenience, even though it's something Sony provides to PS3 owners completely free. 'While many gamers can handle firmware upgrades easily on their own, those customers who do want help can get it from Geek Squad, and we continue to evaluate this offering to ensure it meets their needs. The service goes beyond a firmware updates, and includes user account setup, parental control setup and other components,' a representative said."

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