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Comment There are other abuses... (Score 1) 102

I found a domain I wanted two and a half months ago, and promptly bought it. I then looked for an economical hosting agency and arranged to move the domain - no go! I have to wait 60 days before I can move it! I have waited the sixty days, and put in a transfer request. After a while, I get an email asking if I requested the transfer. If so, do nothing - your transfer will be initiated after a 72 hours (+++) wait. The transfer will take between 7 and 14 days! This in the 21st century, on the INTERNET. I still have not found out how to see if there is any progress, and meanwhile - on my money - my domain name is hosting adverts which I do not wish to be associated with me or mine. This seems unacceptably poor policy. - Roger -

Comment Re:They could also tell a lot about (Score 1) 62

Agree wholeheartedly. Had a parrot once; modeled on Cap'n Flint (Silver's parrot). Came back one day to find my wife had got rid of him - she said the shrieking upset the neighbors. Anyway, I read once that the spiny ant-eater was the highest form of life that didn't dream. I suspect that dreaming is necessary for intelligence, and ask if anyone can tell if parrots dream?

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