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The Courts

Submission + - Playmobil sues man who "customised" dolls 1

rcasha2 writes: "Playmobil has launched a lawsuit against a man for (among other things) "tampering with Playmobil toy characters without authorisation", "circulating the manipulated toys" and "breaching copyright on the company trademark". The playmobil dolls normally depict benign activities, smiling faces and a cheery disposition. The customised models included "macabre-looking knights holding bloody decapitated plastic heads". This case could have repercussions on various kinds of customisation jobs."

Submission + - Can someone pwn your cam without your knowledge? 1

The Truman Show writes: In another article, someone took over a coffee machine connected to the internet, which got me thinking... how safe are webcams from being pwn'd? Many cams have no indication that they are active. Many cams are on personal computers in kids' bedrooms, and it's not unusual to just leave the laptop on most of the time. What precautions are there to prevent some new trojan from installing a remote-controlled on-switch to turn your bedroom into a live webcam or send a snapshot every X minutes? Heck, you might be the star of your own Truman Show right now.

Submission + - Microsoft loses EU appeal

rcasha2 writes: Microsoft has lost its appeal against the EU fine of almost 500m / $700m. Microsoft could still appeal again at the European Court of Justice. More important than the fine, however, is the confirmation of the ruling that Microsoft must share with competitors information needed for interoperability. This ruling could have an effect on such products as Samba, email clients etc.

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