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Comment WRONG (Score 0) 533

The economy dd not add 178,000 jobs. It lost 178,000 fewer jobs than it added. But the economy does NOT run on jobss, it runs on money. The added jobs were low pay, starting pay, minimum wage jobs, while the jobs lost included high pay, long term jobs. But pay is not dollars per hour, it is total hours times dollars per hour, which dropped. More people got their hours reduced below the min hours worked to get benefits (take-home pay cut). And who cares about the U2 unemployment figure? It means nothing. U6 is more meaningful, and it dropped to 9.3%. But the reality is total number of workers no longer in the work force, which is 95,055,000. Really, 50% unemployment?

Comment GMO crud (Score 1) 470

Many GMO foodstuffs are modified so that they tolerate far greater levels of pesticides, herbicides, etc. Those GMOs may not be harmful, but the elevated levels of 'cides means elevated levels in our meals That cannot be good.
Many others are modified so the pant produces pesticides, etc themselves. Again, that cannot be good.
Some people have food intolerances or allergies. New chemicals in their food can set off new intolerances and allergies.
Many GMO foodstuffs have been shown to NOT improve the productivity over time of a farm.
Many 'cides have been shown to kill off the organic productivity of the soil, so that the farmer is more and more reliant on chemical soil boosting, to make up for soil impoverishment.
There are far too many downsides to a lot of GMO, and unproven upsides.
It's all a scam.

Comment Queen Hillary (Score 1) 1010

Hillary: Master, royalty, eminence, supremacy, aristocracy, nobility, gentry, upper class, elite, ruler.
Us: Peon, Peasant, Serf, Servant, Slave, drudge, laborer, gopher, unskilled (in the eyes of the elite), hick, rustic, boor, bumpkin, villain, hired hand, hayseed, rube, chattel, vassal, grunt, slogger, victim, menial, thrall, captive.
Bill and Hillary have enough dirt on many of the powerful ruling class to make sure anyone fool enough to challenge her would go down with her in flames.
Anyone not powerful would just disappear (die) if they were seen as an impediment to her money-making schemes.
Rules are made for the ruled, not the ruling class, to keep us out of their way and make sure we pay our tax.
Look at Billary's open marriage. Morals and ethics are for peons, not rulers. Do you think anything else in their behavior differs in any way from that?
And they really do not care that much about getting caught.

Let's face it. Hillary is not just a liar, she is a pathological liar. Just like Bill and Obama.
As far as they are concerned, it is not even lying if they are talking to peons.

Are you fool enough to disagree with any of this? Clearly you have not been paying attention, or even conscious.

Comment Re:Relativity Not Hard to Grasp (Score 1) 225

A projectile uses 1 dimension + time. A line is a single dimension. Yes, effects which slow it down (air resistance, electro-magnetic fields) operate in two other dimensions outside of the line, but the line cannot "see" them. See Dragon's Egg by Robert L. Forward.
Yes, the line bends, but it cannot "see" that.

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