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Submission + - Researchers uncover RDS/satellite navigation flaw

PetManimal writes: "The Radio Data System standard, used in Europe and North America to send warnings to users of consumer satellite navigation systems, isn't authenticated or encrypted, and could potentially be hacked or used to sow confusion, according to an engineer and "hardware hacker":

Through trial and error, they discovered that transmitting certain code numbers translates into certain warnings that are displayed on the satellite navigation system. Some were amusing. One code number alerts users that there's a bull fight in progress. Another one indicates delays due to a parade. But some weren't so funny. One tells users that there has been a terrorist incident. Another indicates a bomb alert and another an air crash.
It's uncertain what the fix is for this for people who already use satellite navigation systems in their cars. The article notes that most devices aren't easy to upgrade."

Submission + - Vonage starts grassroots campaign against Verizon

notlisted writes: "I received an interesting email from Vonage this morning regarding their latest effort against Verizon's patent claims:

Dear Vonage Customer:

Vonage invites you to be among the first to join a new grassroots campaign aimed at preserving your right to choose your phone service. We're launching a national movement — Free to Compete — because we believe marketplace competition is good, and we want consumers to have a choice. To learn the facts and find out how you can help preserve competition and your right to choose your phone service, please visit FreeToCompete.com.

Since the day we opened our doors, our mission has been to provide consumers with an alternative to the services offered by entrenched landline phone providers. In our five short years, we've gone head-to-head with many of these industry giants, and amassed 2.4 million customer lines with our innovative technology, cool features and value pricing.

You may have heard that Verizon® is suing us over patents they say we violated. Verizon has pursued litigation against Vonage in an effort to achieve in court what it cannot achieve in the marketplace. The suit could result in limiting competition and consumers' freedom to choose a communications provider, which could ultimately drive up the cost of phone service. Vonage will continue fighting this attempt to limit your choice, while ensuring that you continue to receive the reliable, quality service you've come to expect.

As our customers, you are the most passionate and effective spokespeople we have. Let your voice be heard by visiting FreeToCompete.com where you can:

1. Send an email to Verizon telling them you support Vonage as they defend your right to a better phone service
2. Sign our Petition
3. Learn the facts of the case
4. Spread the word

We hope you'll join us in taking up this important challenge by visiting FreeToCompete.com. Together, let's move the battle for free competition and choice in the phone industry out of the courts and back into the marketplace!

And thank you for choosing Vonage.


Jeffrey Citron
Chairman, Interim CEO and Chief Strategist"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - 2012 Olympics- event security sold off to Visa

Lurker McLurker writes: "While speaking at Infosecurity Europe, a gathering of information security professionals, UK Member of Parliament Derek Wyatt revealed something extraordinary about security for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Apparently, only major sponsors of the games will be allowed to provide security . That's right, such irrelevancies such as having the best system for the job are to be ignored. Companies can buy the right to provide security systems.

Protection from the terrorists will be provided by Visa, apparently."

Submission + - How do YOU interview managers?

martincmartin writes: The company I work for is starting to interview development managers, and I've been asked to interview a bunch of them. While there's been a lot written on interviewing programmers and what makes a good manager, how do you interview a management candidate? What questions do you ask? What are good and bad answers? What else do you do?
Operating Systems

Submission + - Ubuntu Feisty Fawn: 'The best release yet'

lisah writes: "A review of Ubuntu's newest release, Feisty Fawn, calls it 'the best release yet.' From the newly revised download page and slick new Wine configuration utility to new features and software, Feisty has plenty of bells and whistles to encourage people considering Linux to finally take the plunge. Current users who want to upgrade won't have to go through the full installation process, just a simple system update. Feisty was tested on three separate computers — including a laptop — and the reviewer threw a variety of devices at it — iPods, scanners, FireWire drives, etc — and Feisty held up like a champ."
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun Surges Into Research, Virtual Worlds

An anonymous reader writes: Sun Microsystems appears to be shifting its focus back to research, after several years of promoting its commodity servers and Java software. Earlier this week, it talked about its new Andy Bechtolsheim-designed video server in the New York Times. Yesterday, it invited reporters in to preview its plans to develop faster switches, new programming languages, and 3-D virtual workplaces. Robert Sproull, director of Sun Labs, made clear that Sun has big ambitions. "General purpose computer have to be rethought," he said. Among the projects close to leaving the labs is Project Crossbow, an evolution of the networking stack in Solaris; Project Sedna, a next generation switch for storage-area networks; and MPK20, a virtual workspace built on top of Sun's Darkstar gaming server.

Submission + - Fair comparison of Ubuntu and Vista

aws910 writes: I was pleased to find this fair-handed comparison of Ubuntu 7.04 and Windows Vista. It gives a good idea of what to expect if you're thinking of switching to this popular desktop Linux distro. As a recent Vista-to-Ububtu defector, I've had some triumphs and headaches myself, but I don't miss the "win98-on-a-486"-esque performance that my new Vista-loaded laptop offered. It's too bad I can't get my windows tax refund anymore.

Submission + - MIT Dean of Admissions Fired for Lying on Resume

digitalderbs writes: CNN is reporting that the MIT dean of admissions has been fired for falsifying her resume 28 years ago. She misrepresented degrees from Albany Medical College, Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute and Union College. Despite not having these credentials, she was well recognized for her service at the university :

Jones was named dean of admissions at MIT in 1997 and received MIT's highest award for administrators, the "MIT Excellence Award for Leading Change." She was also the 2006 winner of the "Gordon Y Billard Award" given "for special service of outstanding merit" performed for the school.

Submission + - Windows Vista = Windows Me II?

XmasterX writes: "Is Windows Vista going to be a repeat of the Windows Me marketing and sales disaster that Microsoft experienced back in 2000? Over the past few weeks I've come across a number of articles on tech sites that are putting Windows Vista and Windows Me in the same sentence. Not good. Others are more blatant and are directly comparing Vista to Me. That's really bad and not the kind of comparison that is going to fuel sales. Read the full article here."

Submission + - Did her MySpace photo derail teacher's career?

coondoggie writes: "This is one of those disturbing stories because really, it could happen to way too many people. According to the Smoking Gun site a woman in Pennsylvania is suing Millersville University claiming that her teaching career has been derailed by college administrators who unfairly disciplined her over a MySpace photo that shows her wearing a pirate hat and drinking from a plastic cup. The Photo was captioned: Drunken Pirate. Frankly the picture's description is worse than the picture if you ask me. http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/1458 4"

Submission + - Sad Kermit Videos Pulled From Youtube

An anonymous reader writes: Disney has recently ordered Youtube (video formerly found here) and Myspace (video still to be found here) to take down the video for a cover of Nine Inch Nail's "Hurt" done by the people at Sad Kermit, a website dedicated to redoing depressing pop songs in the voice of Kermit The Frog, because of copyright infringment on the image of Kermit. Isn't this the sort of thing that should be considered legitimate parody?

MPAA Committed To Fair Use and DRM 212

Doctor Jay writes "At a LexisNexis Conference on DRM this week, MPAA's Dan Glickman announced that the MPAA was fine with consumers ripping DVDs for portable video players and home media servers. 'In his speech to industry insiders at the posh Beverly Hills Four Seasons hotel, Glickman repeatedly stressed that DRM must be made to work without constricting consumers. The goal, he said, was "to make things simpler for the consumer," and he added that the movie studios were open to "a technology summit" featuring academics, IT companies, and content producers to work on the issues involved.'"

Submission + - Science Blogs Uniting to Preserve Fair Use

Salain writes: "Earlier this week Shelley Batts over at Retrospectacle blogged about a paper in The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture which concluded that alcohol augmented the antioxidant properties of fruit. The entry, which wasn't unsupportive, included a single figure and table from the paper. Shortly thereafter she received a threatening e-mail from John Wiley & Sons, the publisher of the journal, requesting that she remove the figure. She complied by redoing the figures herself, but many in the science blogging community are upset at Wiley's handling of the matter. In response, they have organized a mass blog on the subject for today. A list of 30 (and counting) posts on the subject can be found here."
Linux Business

Submission + - Ubuntu.org Offline

swaha writes: For some reason ubuntu.org is recently gone offline. (www.ubuntu.org)

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