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Comment Re:Tick the box exercise for auditors (Score 1) 284

You are right about leet. Leet was used in my example to make it human readable, so people would understand my comment. I would use different rules for character substitution and insertion. My rules would stay the same and therefor be easy to remember from one passphrase to the next. This has been the best way I've found to create relatively secure passwords I can change every few months and which I can remember off the top of my head.

Ultimately passwords are problematic. Password vault software helps, but for those passwords I use 15 times a day this method works pretty well. From what I've seen its waaaaay more secure than what other people are using.

Comment Re:Tick the box exercise for auditors (Score 1) 284

My point is that you can make up a few rules which you can remember, think of a *long* phrase which you can remember, and have a passphrase which is easy to recall and better than 99% of the passwords in use today. This is good enough for most password situations.

And yes... I do find that password easy to remember.

Do you have a better solution for memorable passwords?

Comment Keep learning or die... (Score 1) 738

My 30+ year career path as a software engineer:

1976 : PL/1 --> TRS-80 Basic --> RPG II --> Basic Four Basic --> COBOL --> PowerHouse 4GL --> Visual Basic --> C++ --> C# --> Java --> Objective C : Today

Many smaller steps omitted around file systems, DB, and Web markup languages. It has been a TON of fun! Now what about HTML5 next...

Comment Re:Quick equestrian question (Score 3, Insightful) 368

I got a good chuckle at this comment, but just to set the record straight Shatner is more like a 10 trick show horse. Kirk, Hooker, Denny Crane, talk show host, accomplished writer, business man, comedian, philanthropist, martial artist, father, equestrian, and probably more. Even if you deduct points for singing and poor driving, he's much more accomplished than most in Hollywood.

Comment Zest for Life... (Score 1) 368

Although I am a big fan of James. T. Kirk and Denny Crane I am a bigger fan of William Shatner, the person. You are always doing something new and interesting. (Love the ShatnerVision vids!) I can see that you keep very busy and have a passion for the work and the people you work with. My question is... What is your secret to keeping such a passion or zest for life going?

Comment Re:Have you noticed... (Score 1) 185

William Shatner made a career out of being a wonderful entertainer. In addition, he has a lot of talent in other areas and a great sense of humor, including not taking himself too seriously. What I appreciate most about him is his zest for life. I bet he was like a kid in a candy shop getting to do this for the Discovery guys. I used to get a real kick out of his ShatnerVision videos he and his daughter made. Check them out.

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