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Comment Betteridge says no. (Score 1) 323

And so do i.

Im currently reading three books, and i really appreciate beeing able to have all three of them, on me, all the time.

I enjoy reading on my smartphone, way more than paperbooks. Its brilliant reading with a backlit display.

Comment Re:Boosts 3D Gaming and video calls? (Score 1) 156

" There was a time when videos weren't watched on a computer, because a computer was for performing math calculations. We do more things on a computer now because computers have gotten better at doing them."

I play 3D games on my computer, but not in my browser. I watch videos both via browser and specific applications, but i dont use my browser as a Home Entertainment System.

Why would a browser do 3D-gaming and videocalls? Its nothing but bloat.

Comment Teamviewer! (Score 0) 247

It is NOT open source, but is in free as in beer for your use.
It supports Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Teamviewer is very use to use; I worked in IT at a business with about 800-1000 desktops and laptops, and i never experienced the users having trouble with it. They just called support, and it would go "Please click the "Company-Name Support" icon on your dekstop" "OK" "Now tell me your ID" "xxx xxx xxx" "And your newly generated passkey?" "xxxx" and they would be good to go.

I installed it on my grandparents (85 and 82) laptops to ease the time i had to use on helping them, with the laptops. They never had any problems with it.


Submission + - How Nintendo Bankrolls Guerrilla Warfare in Congo

derekmead writes: A new report by the Enough Project, an arm of the Center for American Progress, shows that companies like Intel, Apple and Microsoft have been successfully scaling back their use of conflict minerals in their products. Other companies have been less helpful. Out of the 24 companies surveyed and ranked based on their use of conflict minerals, Nintendo came in dead last, having made no effort to ensure that its products weren’t funding guerrilla warfare in Africa. “Nintendo is, I believe, the only company that has basically refused to acknowledge the issue or demonstrate they are making any sort of effort on it,” said Sasha Lezhnev from the Enough Project. “And this is despite a good two years of trying to get in contact with them.”

Comment rms is stuck (Score 0) 580

"Any GNU/Linux distro that comes with software to offer these games will teach users that the point is not freedom."

An OS won't teach anyone about anything.. And since when was using Linux about freedom?

Im all for open/free software(the laptop im posting this from is Windows 7(But atleast im using firefox ;)), my other laptop is Arch, my 2 servers are both ArchServer), but rms needs to be ignored.
He is stuck in another world, like zeitgeist hippies.


Submission + - Health IT Pros Face Salary Gap (

gManZboy writes: "Implementation of electronic health records (EHRs), compliance with government regulations, and other healthcare IT initiatives are driving up demand for health IT pros. But while their pay inched up last year, health IT professionals' compensation still, for the most part, lags behind IT pros across all industries. What gives? It's a good year to be a health IT staffer or a health IT CIO--but not such a good year to be a health IT middle manager. That's due to compliance cycles at many healthcare organizations. See more on health IT salaries, in the InformationWeek 2012 IT Salary Survey."

Submission + - US Government Faces Lawsuit Over Surveillance Exports ( 1

judgecorp writes: "The UK government has been threatened with legal action, over its failure to block exports of espionage technology to oppressive regimes. British firms have sold covert surveillance equipment to the former Egyptian regime, as well as to Iran and Syria in recent months, and pressure group Privacy International has sent a letter asking for a change of policy and an update of export restrictions — backed by a threat that it will take the government to court if there is no response."
The Internet

Submission + - Government didn't invent the Internet ( 1

jaymzter writes: The Wall Street Journal is running an article that it claims seeks to dispel an urban legend about the internet: "The creation of the Arpanet was not motivated by considerations of war. The Arpanet was not an Internet". The position of the piece is that it was Xerox's contribution of Ethernet that enabled the global series of tubes we know and love today, and what's interesting is that the former head of DARPA supports this claim.

Comment Star Trek is hard Sci-Fi? (Score 0) 117

"noting the game will be based around hard science fiction (think Star Trek sci-fi)"

How is Star Trek hard Sci-fi? Dont get me wrong, i love Star Trek, i watch a few episodes per week, but star trek is hardly hard science fiction. The first series was a western set in space, the next three was soaps with a sci-fi element, set in space. The last was a mix of those two types of shows.

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