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Submission + - The Apache Software Foundation Welcomes Apache Apache (

rbowen writes: The Apache Software Foundation is very proud to announce that all of the navigational, combat, and avionics software of the Apache AH64 Attack Helicopter is being open sourced by Boeing, Inc, and will be entering the Apache Incubator as Apache Apache.

Submission + - The Apache Software Foundation now accepting BitCoin for donations (

rbowen writes: The Apache Software Foundation is the latest not-for-profit organization to accept bitcoin donations, as pointed out by a user on the Bitcoin subreddit.

The organization is well known for their catalog of open-source software, including the ubiquitous Apache web server, Hadoop, Tomcat, Cassandra, and about 150 other projects. Users in the community have been eager to support their efforts using digital currency for quite a while.

The Foundation accepts donations in many different forms: Amazon, PayPal, and they’ll even accept donated cars.

On their contribution page the Apache Software Foundation has published a bitcoin address and QR code. As of this afternoon, the address has already collected on the order of 4 BTC.

Submission + - Raven Software releases Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy on SourceForge (

rbowen writes: In the wake of Disney's announcement that it is closing game design studio LucasArts, Raven Software has released the single player source code for the two Star Wars titles it developed for LucasArts, Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, according to Kotaku.

Submission + - Internet Success: A Study of Open-Source Software Commons (

rbowen writes: Based on a survey of SourceForge developers, this book discusses some of the factors that help Open Source communities succeed. Authors Charles Schweik and Bob English look at "social, technical, and institutional aspects of OSS" to try to answer the question of why some projects thrive while others are abandoned.

Submission + - Harvard Library to faculty: we're going broke unless you go open access (

rbowen writes: "BoingBoing reports that the Harvard Library has encouraged faculty to release their research publicly, and resign from boards of journals that don't allow open access. The article says that some journals have annual subscription rates in the tens of thousands of dollars, and the library's annual journal costs are almost $3.75M."
Open Source

Submission + - What defines success in an Open Source project (

rbowen writes: "Nine years ago, Slashdot asked the readers what makes an Open Source project successful. ( The answers were varied, of course. An academic paper summarized the results, and said (albeit with more precision) that motivations for Open Source projects are varied. (

Has anything changed? In the era of mobile apps, social media, and Google Ad revenue, have the definitions of Open Source project success changed at all? Have your reasons changed for being involved in Open Source?"

Open Source

Submission + - IDLELO5 is this week in (

rbowen writes: "IDLELO means "Common Grazing Ground". IDLELO is the largest Open Source conference in Africa, and this year it's in Abuja, Nigeria. IDLELO is put on by FOSSFA ( Speakers include a few names you might have heard of if you're not from Africa, and lots of other names that may be unfamiliar. But these are the movers and shakers of the Open Source world in Africa. We tend to be quick to discount Africa, but while we've been ignoring them, Africa has become a big player in Open Source."

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