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Comment Re:Waterboarding (Score 1) 951

And why wouldn't she?

To a "normal" person, the "certificate" has no meaning. And all browsers couch the message in PC speak - "this *may* be an invalid certificate", etc. Which, to a user, means "sure, it may, but I always go here and it's safe".

If you want users to stop browsing there, three things need to happen:

* Browsers need a "safe" mode, on by default, that flat-out doesn't let you browse to those sites. No warning, no buts, no "Are you sure" dialogs. Just say no.
* If people *need* to get there, give them some training on security issues and then take of the safety measures slowly.
* IT departments need to stop cranking out their own internal certificates, or at least they need to update the CA list for users. God damn it, I don't want to see a certificate warning for internal sites.

Comment Re:Save your sanity, give up now (Score 2, Interesting) 951

Honestly? No.

I don't have to think about error messages, or even actual problems with the tool, when I use a hammer, or a car, or a washing machine. If it's broken, I call a pro and have it fixed, period. (Or, in case of the hammer, I finally give in and buy a good tool, not the $0.99 one from Home Depot ;)

Same goes for software. That's what IT is for, taking care of software. Yes, I could do it myself - but that is not what I am paid for, that's what they are paid for.

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