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Comment 21st Century version of "Too Cheap to Meter" (Score 1, Interesting) 344

You people don't remember all the promises of Nuclear Power 1.0.

This is just another chorus of promises that mask the dangers and inefficiencies of using radioactive materials to boil water.

Why should we be spending orders of magnitude more than other power sources just to build new terrorist targets and devices that spew the ultimate terrorist material?

Even if somehow a scalable, cost effective process to "burn" nuclear waste was created, the reactors themselves become high level nuclear waste that has to be dealt with.

There are so many reasons that nuclear power technology now available or is on the horizon is bad and so many better alternatives, why are we wasting time on it?

Comment How much money did these 72 get from CableTelco? (Score 1) 200

It would be interesting to see how much AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner has contributed to these folks.

I would say that Internet first/last mile deployment and innovation stopped when it was re-oligopolized 10 years ago.

I still don't have ANY choice of ANY high speed Internet service in Saratoga, CA part of Silicon Valley. The best Internet connection I can get for my startup in Mountain View Callifornia, the heart of Silicon Valley is limited to 500Kbps upstream.

I would say that they are already doing a bad job with no net neutrality legislation and it will only get worse until we break them up. This time correctly.

Comment Only mentions wireless, need fiber (Score 1) 129

Just glanced at the bill and could only find wireless as the only tech available for grants. This is ridiculous as what we need is fiber deployments. Wireless is not going to deliver tomorrows broadband, just the lousy "broadband" of a few Mbps at the max.

Don't believe the WiMax hype. A cell which can only cover a mile or two (if you are lucky) has to share the 10's of MBps that a WiMax base station sector.

If we want to stop the US's descent to an Internet 3rd world country, we need fiber to the home and office.

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