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Comment GFDL is a good choice (Score 2, Informative) 2

The GFDL gives users of your book the freedom to make copies forever, and to make modifications for their own use. But if they modify the book *and* distribute the modified version, they have to make the modifications available under the same license. Thus the term "viral." This gives your users (other faculty?) the assurance that they can continue to improve your book, should you decide (or become unable) to continue working on it. By contrast a CC license can come in several forms. For example, a NonCommercial clause limits what people can do with your book and makes it not truly free. This seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes interesting things happen if you allow commercial applications. A CC-BY-SA license is close to the GFDL, but the statement of the GFDL is much more explicit and comprehensive. Learn more at

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