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Comment Cruelty (Score 3, Funny) 92

"NASA is performing an inhumane act by needlessly killing living organisms on Moon mission, wasting taxpayer money on a cheap publicity stunt", says animal rights group that became notorious a few posts ago for trying to grant chimps person status. "Plants are living things too, and one cannot simply destroy them for entertainment", said group spokesperson in an exclusive interview.

Comment Simple Answer (Score 1) 201

Does this mean that Denmark suddenly has to approve what we are doing, if we launch into space?


'the activities of non-governmental entities in outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, shall require authorization and continuing supervision by the appropriate State Party to the Treaty.'

Comment Self-driving cars, flying cars, ... (Score 1) 472

Ever since the 1960s we've been told: * we'd have flying cars in 20 years * we'd have affordable space travel for everyone in 30 years * we'd have permanent Moon/Mars bases in N years * we'd have fusion power in 50 years (and we're still being told that) and so on. Star Trek-like medical technology, human-like AI, self-driving cars... Just a fad. 50 years would be too soon I guess. Sorry for being so pessimistic (realistic?)

Comment Re:wrong wrong wrong (Score 2) 180

I don't think you understand correctly how a superscalar processor works. Maybe you're confusing parallel instruction execution with pipelining? Even single-core, non-hyperthreading processors have been able to execute multiple instructions *simultaneously, in a single cycle* since the first Pentiums or earlier. See, they can fetch two instructions at once from the cache because it has a wide internal bus, decode them simultaneously, and execute them simultaneously (if they are independent) because each core has multiple execution units. Modern processors can easily execute 3 or 4 instructions at once on a single core, in a single cycle. As I understand it, hyperthreading comes in when part of those execution units are sitting idle because there are not enough instructions in the main thread that can be executed in parallel - they're not independent, some depend on the results of others - and so those idle units are used to process another thread. Of course it's slower than having two full cores, but the point is that a single core CAN execute a lot of stuff in parallel.

Comment Re:Die size? (Score 1) 180

That chip actually consists of 4 dice (Xilinx calls them Super Logic Regions) bound over a special silicon interconnect layer. Source: The reason they do this rather than use a larger die is exactly to get a higher yield (defect density is constant, defect probability increases with surface). Therefore I highly doubt they're only getting one good chip per wafer. Cost is based on supply and demand, and these chips are very, very specialized. They're used in applications where costs are huge anyway, such as high-performance IC prototyping - things like CPUs, ASICs for multi-hundred Gb/s switches/routers et cetera.

Comment Re:Missing the point? (Score 1) 171

Would you be comfortable with script kiddies being able to transmit on your local fire dept/ambulance freqs?

Yes, I would. Are you suggesting we ban all TX-capable SDRs because they can be misused by kids? While we're at it, let's also stop any research and abandon all technology because, you know, it can be misused. Law enforcement is paid to enforce the law: if someone is transmitting illegally, triangulate them out and make them stop. Do this a few times and I'm sure kids will quickly get the idea that it's not OK to use their WiFi in undocumented modes to transmit in ambulance bands or whatever. Keep your hands off my equipment!

Submission + - The telephone celebrates its 150th birthday (

An anonymous reader writes: When Johann Philipp Reis used his telephone to transmit the phrase "the horse does not eat cucumber salad" 150 years ago, the German scientist could never have guessed this sentence was about to revolutionise communications. Reis presented his invention in a lecture titled, "Concerning the reproduction of sounds over any distance by means of galvanic electricity," to the Physical Society of Frankfurt on October 26, 1861. The 27-year-old chose the unusual phrase about horses and cucumbers so that a listener could not guess the meaning of the sentence without hearing every single word.

Submission + - federal judge sentences woman to three years for s (

derGoldstein writes: From AllThingsD: "Today a federal judge in Florida sentenced a woman to three years in prison and fined her $166,000 for selling counterfeit chips around the world to more than 1,000 buyers, among them companies selling equipment to the U.S. Navy. It’s being described as the first federal sentence for selling counterfeit chips. ... She was charged alongside Shannon L. Wren, now deceased, and together, they were accused of running a company called VisionTech... The DOJ says that on more than 35 separate occasions, they sold some 59,540 chips worth about $425,000. When customers who bought them complained that the chips were fakes — they didn’t work — McCloskey and Wren took no action."

Comment Re:Google+ (Score 1) 161

I don't trust anyone, that's why I use encryption when transferring data over the Internet that I don't want others to look at. The ISPs only know that there's been a connection from A to B at time T and nothing more. And that's why I don't have any sensitive data on third party servers, Google-owned or otherwise. Chill out.

Submission + - SPAM: Obagi Skin Care

An anonymous reader writes: Skincare Heaven is the ultimate marketplace that sells skin care products and treatments, both common and unique. It is one of the few websites that offers solutions to men skin care and baby skin care needs along with a range of stuff for womenfolk.
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