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Comment Re:Hope the Auth Servers are Running! (Score 1) 271

You're right, I can't edit history. This is also a very new account (think only about 2 weeks old). You really think accounts here mean anything? I've made about 10 over the space of 5-6 years, and I'm going to make another one after this post so you'll never know it's me in a future conversation.

And since posts can't be edited, here's something I found out - turns out I didn't even need to download the 7 or so GB of a HotS ISO - those idiots at Blizzard updated everyone to the latest version with the campaign included regardless. All you have to do is download the initial map save file located here:

save it in the appropriate place then restart with the appropriate difficulty. It's amazing how well it works!


Comment Re:Hope the Auth Servers are Running! (Score 1) 271

It's wrong according to the law, and to the Blizzard fanboys here. It's also wrong in my mind because Blizzard deserve to be paid for their efforts. Just because I know this doesn't mean I'll stop, because it's just too easy to play it and not pay.

In other words, it's wrong, but not wrong enough to not do it, if such a concept makes sense.

Comment Re:Hope the Auth Servers are Running! (Score 1) 271

To me, rationalizing would be "fight the power" style stuff and other BS to use as a smokescreen for pirating. I admit that I just don't want to pay for it outright, hence I'm not rationalizing. My listed reasons are WEAK, hence I don't consider them part of any effort to rationalize my behavior. They are merely side issues I have, but they aren't enough to be a reason for pirating. I just want the game for free.

Comment Re:Hope the Auth Servers are Running! (Score 1) 271

I'm not trying to rationalize here. I'm fully aware that what I'm doing is wrong. I just don't care enough to stop.

Thing is (and you're free to not believe me) I'm not a habitual pirate. I buy music, indie games (BIG fan of indie games, particularly humble bundles), and many other things. I don't even really pirate that much since a lot of AAA games don't really interest me. Given that I really doubt Blizzard is going to go backrupt because of little ol' me.

You can be legit most of the time and bend the rules on occasion. It's FINE not to be black and while all the time people. Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut...

Comment Re:Hope the Auth Servers are Running! (Score 1) 271

You also have to remember to buy the game as a "gift" rather than "for me" so it gets put into your Steam inventory. Once there, it can be traded, but if it's "opened" and attached to your main games list, it's now untradable. Games bought "for me" are attached to the list automatically, hence you can't trade them.

Comment Re:Hope the Auth Servers are Running! (Score 3, Interesting) 271

How am I stealing anything? I haven't taken anything and left one less copy in anyone's inventory. I wouldn't have paid for it anyway - if it was impossible to pirate, I just wouldn't have played it. Either way no money would have changed hands.

Am I dishonest? ABSOLUTELY. Does it matter? Depends. I used to feel the same way about principles, but getting older I've learnt that sticking to being legal all the time ultimately fucks you over. Companies still treat the buying like shit with continually more aggressive always-on DRM and activation bullshit, so it's not like sticking to your principles is worth anything if you don't get anything out of it.

Also, the "pirated" edition doesn't have binary cracks per-se. Everyone uses the same technique as I do - offline cache files a license generator. The mandatory account is a new thing as part of the 2.0.4 update.

As for real change? Huh! Major corporations don't give a shit. I buy indie games, not AAA titles.

I'm not making excuses for piracy. I'm merely explaining why I do it. I don't care if it boils your blood - you can't physically do anything to stop me. But I will stop if it becomes impossible to pirate anymore - say if the majority of games are hosted on cloud servers and so cracks are impossible. But if that happens I'll probably just give up gaming entirely.

Comment Re:Hope the Auth Servers are Running! (Score 1) 271

I thought I made it quite clear - I like the story and don't feel like spending money for it due to Blizzard's behavior. I'm not trying to hide under any sense of entitlement in the sense that they "owe" me for wanting to continue the story. I just don't want to pay money for it. I don't have to of course - I could just go without. But again, I don't have to since it's easy enough to obtain it in other ways.

Comment Re:I just wish ... (Score 2) 271

In my experience, most LAN parties (both small and large LANs) have had net access for several years. The reason? Steam.

It was easier once - just have a shared drive with the latest patches for popular games so everyone who was out of date could just grab what they needed. No Internet required. Nowadays you cannot ensure people are fully updated to the latest version of something, or that Steam's offline mode would work properly for everyone (which it often doesn't). So having net access ended up becoming a necessity, given how much Steam has infected multiplayer gaming these days.

Giving this situation, LAN access for SC2 is moot because of the need for net access at a LAN anyway. If a LAN doesn't have net access, odds are the gaming being played are older ones like CoD 4 and the original StarCraft.

Comment Re:Hope the Auth Servers are Running! (Score 1) 271

I could buy it, but then it would basically be showing acceptance of the idea that you need to create and log into an online account just for playing the single-player components of a game (to which it cannot be resold since the game key is tied to that account I believe). This is not the future I want to see for gaming, even if it's not reversible by this stage (everyone's falling for the Steam virus so this is becoming more and more accepted).

Having said that, you'd agree this is an excuse - if I really was against it, I'd not only avoid buying it but also avoid illegal versions of it. You'd be correct, of course. Unfortunately however, I enjoy the StarCraft story too much (going from the original SC and its BW expansion, both of which I also pirated) and so am curious to see how HotU progresses.

At least I'm being honest.

Comment Re:Hope the Auth Servers are Running! (Score 1) 271

The bits about needing to go online once after patching and needing the game fully downloaded to go offline are true, yet. But the guest button definitely does not exist anymore - it did in the early versions, it did in 1.5.4 (even if it was buggy and locked out it was still physically there), but it's completely absent in 2.0.4.

Having said that, I've never actually bought the game. I just use a dummy account, offline cache files supplied by someone on a SC2 cracking site and a license generator. I have no interest in multiplayer and only care about the campaign and the occasional skirmish game.

Comment Re:Hope the Auth Servers are Running! (Score 2) 271

Not quite. Ever since the 2.0.4 update the Guest button has disappeared. The "workaround" is to disconnect from the net (I tend to just disable the network device in Windows), start SC2, log in using your account and when it fails due to a lack of net connection, you just click Play Offline. Previous you only had to click Guest and pick a guest account and off you'd go.

Comment Re:His mansion (Score 1) 127

The bottom line is: the police have realized that they can practically guarantee they get to go home at the end of the day if they treat every interaction like a military engagement and utilize overwhelming force to suppress their enemy.

Commander William Adama: There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.

Comment Re:Well no shit (Score 1) 118

I loved Fallout 1 and 2, but just couldn't get into Fallout 3. The characters felt like cardboard cutouts, the music was nothing special compared to the atmospheric music of the previous two; I dunno, something just felt lost in the transition to 3D/Bethesda.

Having said that I've tried other Bethesda games like Oblivion and found that dull as well. Never tried Skyrim, though it sounds like it inherits similar problems as well. Yes I may be part of the minority for not liking Bethesda games, but at the same time I don't use Steam because I refuse to buy anything with DRM anymore and so I'm basically in the minority anyway.

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