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Comment I appreciate sourceforge mirrors, not the bundling (Score 1) 172

At times (at work) when I can't access various project webpages due to overeager web filtering, and I find a sourceforge mirror of a project, that comes in awful handy. If they follow through with their "opt-in" advertising only, so much the better. Of course, i'm generally downloading source to build, so the advertising doesn't come up.

Comment Re:IANAL (Score 1) 344

Also IANAL, so this is purely conjecture, but I don't think it would be deemed illegal in the US. We already have DRM on ebooks / music which prevent us from effectively reselling those products and that hasn't been deemed illegal yet. In fact, the DMCA instead makes it illegal to remove that copy protection for personal use, let also for reselling purposes.

That said, the patent wouldn't disallow reselling the disc. It would just make the resold disc ineffective.


Submission + - Apple Refuses To Disclose When It Learned About Hogan's Previous Court Cases (muktware.com)

sfcrazy writes: You won't be Apple if you are not arrogant. Apple has now declined to answer Samsung's question in its motion that when did Cupertino learn about the jury foreman's previous court case with Seagate. Apple in its response says that it is not compelled to respond as it was Samsung who accused Hogan of misconduct and not Apple. Apple had threatened Samsung with the same question and Samsung told that it learned it only after Hogan started to talk to media. Does the denial mean Apple did know about it beforehand? So if Apple did know that Hogan was involved in a case with Seagate it may matter. Won't the chances of a verdict going against my opponent increase if I learn that the foreman holds grudges against my enemy? Will I want to disclose this fact and get such a foreman removed? Will I shoot at my own foot?

Submission + - The Web Won't Be Safe or Secure until We Break It

CowboyRobot writes: "Jeremiah Grossman of Whitehat Security has an article at the ACM in which he outlines the current state of browser security, specifically drive-by downloads.

"These attacks are primarily written with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so they are not identifiable as malware by antivirus software in the classic sense. They take advantage of the flawed way in which the Internet was designed to work."

Grossman's proposed solution is to make the desktop browser more like its mobile cousins.

"By adopting a similar application model on the desktop using custom-configured Web browsers (let's call them DesktopApps), we could address the Internet's inherent security flaws. These DesktopApps could be branded appropriately and designed to launch automatically to Bank of America's or Facebook's Web site, for example, and go no further. Like their mobile application cousins, these DesktopApps would not present an URL bar or anything else making them look like the Web browsers they are on the surface, and of course they would be isolated from one another.""

Comment Re:First Sale (Score 2) 535

Except that the family of three that would have bought it at 60, won't buy 3 copies at $20, because by then, new games without new headaches will be out, they'll just skip the game entirely. And the reseller won't buy it for 40, because he only wants the latest and greatest, which is why he consistently resells his games long before the initial price has dropped.

Comment Re:Another game that doesn't get it... (Score 1) 353

Don't forget that leveling in FFXI requires massive amounts of exp which can essentially only be obtained through partying since quests give negligible amounts of exp (if any). 4-5+ hours of grinding per level from 50-75 (not counting time spent organizing a party) is hardly casual player friendly. The level down patch has renewed my interest somewhat since I can now at least play with friends, but the impact on the already few good camp areas has yet to be seen / felt.

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