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Comment Re:The "response" should be an indictment. (Score 2) 312

He didn't technically lie to congress. No cryptography is provably secure. We can prove some to be insecure, and that's when we stop using them. Until then we believe that our current technologies are secure.

It's true: non-US encryption is theoretical, but so is US-developed encryption. It's all theoretical.

I don't know if saying something that is technically true but is misleading would be enough to convict someone of lying to congress.

Correction: I don't know if it would be enough to convict a high mucky-muck of a TLA.

Comment Re:P=PN (Score 4, Informative) 222

You're really close!

For NP-complete you need a slight modification of the traveling salesman problem. An example would be that you need to visit 5 cities, but you need to travel less than 50 miles. Is there a route that will get you through all 5 cities in less than 50 miles?

To find a solution need to search through all the permutations (factorial time), but to verify that you have a solution is polynomial time.

However, your original traveling salesman problem is NP-hard because there is no way to verify that you have the shortest route without calculating all of the routes.

I probably have an advantage here because read the Sipser book less than a year ago. Let's see what I remember in another three years. ;)

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