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Comment Re:This is why my Websites Check that ads work (Score 1) 205

How much do sites need to pay for the connection, servers and bandwidth? Nowadays you can get 100Mbps uncapped VPS from OVH for 5eur/month and dedicated quadcore server for 9eur/month. Add couple of those running Varnish or something as reverse proxy for your site (and perhaps put free Cloudflare on top of that too) and then get one of their beefier servers as backend, costs 25eur/month. And if you cannot afford to pay that much for a site per month and/or not get enough donations etc, then perhaps you shouldn't be running a website at all.

Comment Re: Money talks (Score 1) 356

They really be more open on how much donations they are getting and how much the hosting actually costs. I really cannot support such projects that have vague donation'o'meter and I really can't judge if my money is spent running the infrastucture or to buy beers for the developers (which is just fine as long as I am told that part of my money is used this way).

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

I am not aware of any such European wide laws. Recording on any public place is ok, there might be issues if you publish said recordings and you can identify people from said clips (though often this is ok too), if you collect the register plate numbers, you might be creating a database that needs to be registered.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 197

Though if you live in a civilized country, the government wouldn't help you to enforce a contract if it is unreasonable. When you rent an apartment to someone, you cannot tell them how to use that property. They do have to compensate you if they damage it, but it is none of your business if they sublet it or give it their friend and allow her to live there for free.

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