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Comment Re:Activism (Score 2) 225

I agree to an extent. However; in one case you actually show up for the protest, in the other case you get a bunch of proxies to show up instead. Had the protest been achieved via the "slashdot" effect, nothing would have came of this. However manipulating machines to amplify your effect should be frowned upon.

Comment Re:When you have a bad driver ... (Score 2) 961

If I had $450,000 to drop on a supper car, the last thing I would want is stability control trying to correct me. In this instance, even if the vehicle had stability control it would have been turned off. Then the question remains could have stability control stopped this? Obviously the driver failed to keep the vehicle on the pavement; however, stability control does not promise to keep on the pavement, nor from wrapping a vehicle around a tree. It attempts to keep the vehicle upright and aimed in the direction that the front wheels are pointed. To me lack of stability control is a red-hearing, added to the article to promote stability control adoption in all vehicles.

Comment Way to piss off your customers (Score 1) 261

I usually have a pretty decent sense of humor. However this ROT13 joke, is not funny and shows no creativity. For a website that USED to be about news nerds/ stuff that matters, this is a new low. You are forcing your target audience to do more work, which may temporarily drive up ad clicks, but in the long run you will loose your base and the site will continue to decline.

Comment Answering the Question (Score 1) 337

The best thing to do right now is to ACE the course and continue acing your courses. Then once you are close to your final year, go have a chat with the dept chair/ dean. You will be amazed at how receptive the admin will be to your suggestions, since you have 30 yrs of experience and you will have all A's in your course work. (Unless you are attending one of the for profit universities then they want to do what is easy/ most profitable). The trick is to offer suggestions on what will make the course better for the entire class. Some students come in not knowing how to log onto a computers, others believe that internet explorer is the internet. Thus the course is required. You could also talk to your prof now and see if there is a way to get exempted from the course through a petition to chairperson for curriculum. In my dept that would be the undergrad curriculum director or the grad director. Usually if you can demonstrate you have mastered the objectives of the course (usually through a written or oral exam) then they will exempt you from the course and ask you to take a more challenging course and count those credit hours towards your degree, or just give you the credit hours. While most of us at Slashdot get to use our computers for more than word processors/ spreadsheets, this is hardly the experience of most users. Not only that, "intro to computing" is likely to be one of those "core curriculum" courses that every one is required to take. That way when you are a senior and required to write up your capstone/ design project the prof does not have to waste time teaching the students how to insert equations/citations or how to set up a spreadsheet to run some simple calculations. Yes it sucks but push through and you never know you may learn some useful feature in word, highly doubtful as we are talking about MS.

Comment Re:$300 is a lot of money. (Score 1) 241

$300 for 10Mbps for 10 years is $2.5/mo. That's less than a penny a day. Please deposit 12,000,000 of those pennies into my bank account, I will gladly pay you $120,000 USD upon verification from my bank ;-).

In all seriousness, google is charging their "customer" $300 for this service for 10Yrs, and they are then charging their true customer for the ability to know all the online activity of the "customer." It is like Google is reading right from the cable companies play book.

Comment Re:good idea (Score 2) 67

The cost to launch DOD satellites is usually a small percentage of the over budget for the build of the satellite.
I am having a hard time with how we get things that were not meant to be interchangeable to link up in orbit to take on a new mission. Now if we could build a WALL-E (SPACE-E) that is capable of catching, manipulating, disassembling and construction of a new satellite that would be pretty impressive. However by the time we develop that technology we will have spent a considerable amount of money.
Perhaps the path forward is to develop satellites that can either connect (dock if you will) to the ones currently in orbit and use some of the preexisting equipment on board to perform a new mission, or build new satellites with a "SPACE-Port" that allows future satellites to dock with it and use the host's equipment. Right now I see the problem on the order of trying to connect a CDC 6060 with a K Computer.

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