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Comment Re:So bad (Score 1) 214

"Or you could, you know, use the adaptor included WITH EVERY iPHONE..." Except the part where removing the headphone jack in the first place is nothing more than a solution looking for a problem, and in this case, Apple will gladly charge you $160 for their solution, because people like you are tools.

Comment Re:What is an "African-American sounding name"? (Score 1) 476

To be fair, I notice a lot of poor/low-income whites have their own version of this phenomenon, though it often involves some "unique" spelling of common names. I see a lot of names like Kammeron, Christofer, Tonnie, Jessika, Misshel. The best part is when the parents get upset because you misspelled their kid's name. "It's spelled Christofer..with an 'F'...!"

Comment Nobody wants to set off the next Outrage (Score 1) 326

Social media outrage is so prevalent nowadays that even an innocent misspelling or use of a word someone deems as "offensive' can have life or career damaging consequences. I rarely post anything on facebook or any social media sites any more after one incident where I was very publicly called out for being a bigoted anti-LGBT misogynist because I made the innocent mistake of referring to someone as male who was actually trans-gendered. Once the SJWs jumped on-board, no amount of apologizing was acceptable to them. This after I spent years writing posts supporting gay-marriage, equal rights and encouraging people to vote for these things. Those very same people who "liked" my posts turned on me in an instant, one going so far as to threaten to report me to my employer. Screw Social Media.

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 5, Interesting) 462

This. I hate the new music player with a passion. What used to take one or two clearly intuitive clicks is now so incredibly confusing that it borders on unusable. Now everything is behind generic "hotdog", "hamburger", and barely noticeable arrow icons and it's impossible to remember what's supposed to happen when you click any of them. I spend so much time cursing at it because I often choose the wrong icon and then have to figure out how to get back to where I was and what I was trying to do in the first place. It took me 20 minutes of fiddling around to figure out how to bring up the album for the currently playing song. I guess they want you to ask Siri to do everything for you, but that's just exchanging one frustrating interface for another.

Comment Damn, is it really that bad out there? (Score 1) 474

Wow, after reading most of these comments I feel so lucky. Where I work the pay is excellent, benefits are great, I can take time off whenever I want, I rarely work more then 40 hours per week and if I do I get comp-time the following week, the business side actually asks for and listens to our advice on project proposals, and older workers are actually valued for their expertise. My boss has an open door policy where we can go in and talk to him about anything and everything, and my co-workers routinely joke around and socialize with each other. We're not afraid to share ideas or ask someone for help with something we are having a problem with, in fact, it is encouraged. Because of this our turnover rate is extremely low and our job satisfaction rate is high. The result of all this is that we routinely get awards for the superior quality work we produce that often meets or beats the deadlines and come in under budget. This is something that doesn't happen when you have disgruntled employees that quit mid-way though a project or do their best to sabotage the efforts of other employees or simply don't give a shit about the quality of work they are churning out. I really wish more employers would grasp the simple concept that if you treat your tech staff like human beings you actually make more money in the end.

Comment Enough is enough (Score 2) 127

You know, I was willing to accept a few ads on a website because I understood the need to generate revenue. But I finally had to resort to installing AdBlock because it seems many websites forgot about actual content in favor of revenue. It got to the point of absolute ridiculousness, there were pages with maybe one or two paragraphs of content buried under tons of zooming, flashing, auto-playing, screen-covering crap that it just wasn't worth the bother, so I would just click away. It also doesn't help that the #1 reason for my browser crashes and lockups where because of some stupid Flash ad.

Comment Re:ASUS (Score 0) 417

I still hang on to my desktop for the superior video performance and ease of upgrade/expandability. Though I find myself wondering lately why I need that giant tower case anymore. Long gone are the days of 3-4 hardrives and separate sound/network/controller cards; heck the only reason I even keep my DVD burner around is for my mother-in-law who still insists on using CD's to send pictures to people. I'll probably scale down to a Micro-ATX or maybe even a Mini-ITX setup next time I build a new one, but even that next time could be a long way off, as my current 3 year-old hardware easily handles everything I throw at it without even breaking a sweat.

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