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Comment Balance? (Score 0) 319

Don't you think it is only natural?
Since back then the most common connections to the internet was still on dial-up? So it's only natural for webpages today to scale and actually enhances the user's experience if the technology we have now is used correctly.

Comment As long as Tali is Safe (Score 0) 78

...I don't care about anything else =)

But seriously I'm glad that they didn't make this feature a requirement to get the "full story".

But if this new feature is anything like the overlord/shadowbroker(?) DLC where there's a car chase and not another shoot and cover then I think it will be an awesome co-op experience it might even deter people from pirating it.

Comment Movement (Score 0) 163

Is the movement suppose to feel that awkward?

To be honest when I first read the title "First Person Dungeon Crawlers" I thought about Hexen 2 but as I viewed the video made me realize that I haven't played any games like it and I have been gaming since 90s. I would have been glad to give this a try but the movement and how the game-play just feels weird to me.

Comment RIP (Score 0) 1613

I thought this was some sort of Joke at first but then I remembered it wasn't April 1st.... RIP Steve Jobs: February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011

Comment RIP (Score 0) 1613

I thought it was some sort of prank at first but then I remembered it wasn't April 1st.... RIP Steve Jobs: February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011

Comment vote with your money. (Score 0) 214

As I have read a dozen times here in /. vote with your wallet to make corporations like EA stops this sort of policy for their games. Old games didn't have this sort of issues and yet they sold a lot because they were really good , Besides if you really are into games or a "gamer" you would still buy the original even after playing/beating the game from a pirated version since you would get tons of free stuff nowadays that isn't included in a pirated game. To me that's the one edge of legal games over pirated one's

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