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Comment Re:It gave ZERO horsepower (Score 1) 262

Lets get really pedantic here. Of course the rocket engine is generating horsepower. Horsepower is not work (which is force over distance). Horsepower is a measure of energy expended over a unit of time. Energy was expended (quite a bit actually) over a period of time (10 seconds). So yes, 30,000 horsepower is an accurate number even in a static test.

Comment What about the media? (Score 1) 1123

I am surprised that nobody has asked the question of what happens if the media records the police. Can the news not record the police? Wouldn't that go against freedom of the press? If it does, how are the media any different than a normal citizen. Any citizen can report news.

Do these laws then interfere with freedom of the press? Do these laws interfere with my ability to petition the government for redress of grievances? This seems to go against the grain of the first amendment.

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