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Comment Re:Wait...what? (Score 1) 437

Yeah! Like that John Wayne movie where the Sheriff has a giant, slow moving device which can destroy entire towns,

You mean like a bunch of thugs with AK-47s?

and only throwing a rock off a horse from close range at a particular point on the surface of the device can destroy it!

Like a grenade? Or some kind of explosive device? Possibly hurled over a great distance by a catapult?

And wagons can travel faster than light,

Or just really really fast.

but this capability sometimes breaks down, leading to exciting chase sequences before the wagon zips away to an unknown location!

Hey, improper maintenance is bad for any machinery.

And cowboys can use mysterious powers to control physical objects and influence other people!

Or they can use guns to make 'em do things, or just pay them money, or seduce them.

Frankly, if Star Wars can be a Western I think anything can be a Western.


What aspects of Star Trek are so unique that you cannot draw similar parallels?

I can't think of any.

Comment There are re-writes to Adam Smith (Score 1) 353

There are re-writes to Adam Smith. No modern-day economist worth his or her salt agrees with Adam Smith's models or the Classical Ricardian model(s). There are re-writes that explain more about the present-day economies. The only places where Adam Smith is taught is in first-year courses, and the upper level courses are basically about how the things taught in first year aren't true.

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