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Comment Re:stating the obvious... (Score 1) 440

Especially when you have broken services/daemons sitting in the open running vital public services, you should definitely use multiple layers.

For general users, going beyond the standard windows firewall really isn't that necessary if you have a decent NAT (which I assume most everyone does these days still on ipv4)

Only rely on trust when you need access to things. Don't leave your fly open.

Comment Re:It's all in the educational system (Score 1) 899

I agree, we should reform education. Example: Take all the money for Physical Education and force people to run outside and get fit normally. Use the surplus in funds and apply it to actual learning classes.

I still don't understand why people think they don't need classes even if they were to become some sort of athlete star. Too bad they didn't take classes to know how slim the odds are of that happening.

Comment Easy! (Score 4, Insightful) 899

For public school situations take that damn football money and use it for science classes.
2nd Hire decent teachers that actually enjoy learning and teaching.
3rd Encourage questions. Ask the students questions, and then wait for a response. Let them actually think! Have some actual communication.

Optional: go places! Take students to new environments to get them to think outside of the box. Science is awesome, you don't have to dress it up to make it fun!

All else fails: Blow shit up! Then explain why it blew up!

Comment My comment on desnews that probably wont be posted (Score 1) 235

By Jack Hater
Dude Jack, stay the hell out of Utah. I don't want you polluting our pool of already somewhat interesting people. You've already been disbarred, and no one should ever take you seriously. However, most people don't recognize this and they need to know that you're full of shit. Seriously, Stop trying to ruin everything for everyone. It only takes one, and you're approaching infinity of retardation. Please just go live in some communist nation.
Jack Hater.

(They probably wont post it because I used the words hell and shit)


Submission + - New AACS Processing Key Discovered

An anonymous reader writes: The movie studios recently released new HD-DVDs that can no longer be circumvented using the infamous 09 F9... AACS processing key that floated around the Net last month, but today a new key has surfaced. Like hundreds of other readers of Freedom-To-Tinker's "Own Your Own Integer" story, someone named BtCB posted his "randomly generated" number in the comments, asking, "What are the odds that this is the new processing key?" As it turns out, BtCB's key was not so random, and, a week after he posted it, the hackers over at doom9 realized that it really is the new processing key. With this kind of hacker "luck," it doesn't look like AACS will last for long.

Submission + - Big Boxes Squeezing Small Computer Stores

Jack Action writes: "Small computer stores, even those with a few locations are being squeezed by big boxes like Best Buy and Staples using PC's, especially notebooks, as loss leaders. According to the Globe and Mail, spending on computer products at small retailers in the Canadian market dropped in half over the last year, while at the same time jumping by 29% at big box stores. Elsewhere, even large chains like CompuServe and Circuit City are in trouble.

Small retailers in the Canadian market have had to make innovative changes to stay alive: slashing staff, paying for assembly by the piece, negotiating bulk orders from vendors, and emphasizing customs orders for the geek market — but still its a struggle. Is the loss of the local neighbourhood computer store the inevitable outcome of the market, or will something valuable be lost if they all go down the tubes?"
United States

Submission + - Baby Bubba's Beretta Shotgun

theodp writes: "Ten-month-old Howard David Ludwig — aka Bubba — has been issued an Illinois firearm owner's identification card. As the holder of an FOID, which lists his height (2'3") and weight (20 lbs.) and has a scribble where the signature should be, baby Bubba can own a firearm and ammo in Illinois. He can also legally transport an unloaded weapon, though he can't yet walk."

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