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Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 3, Interesting) 461

Coal power in the US is dead, but that has much, much less to do with any 'green revolution' and significantly more to do with the large oil companies entering the shale game after OPEC decided to try and destroy the US shale market through supply shenanigans. With their entry and the rapid R&D into efficiency caused by the price drop in oil, they've figured out how to frack for 20-30 dollars per barrel. That being said, coal is still very much alive in China and elsewhere, which means that properly run, coal mining will be around for decades. The issue is that it is unlikely to support nearly as many people.

Comment Re:Why are we surprised? (Score 1) 233

Precisely because he's a walking MP sketch. WH press secretary has always been a mouthpiece to distract people, but with modern media, the best way to do that is not with someone sober but someone who looks the buffoon, whether or not they actually are. Mind you, I doubt Spicer's that competent, but he's probably not quite the buffoon he plays.

Comment Re:Why Intel Insists Rumors Of The Demise Of Moore (Score 1) 106

No, If you want bleeding edge performance find a Ryzen cpu/mobo/memory combo that lets you boost the memory to 3600 and CPU to 4.1Ghz and remain stable. At which point you will be equal or better in performance to the 7700k @ 5Ghz(Interestingly, memory speed increases beyond 2400 have very little effect on Kaby Lake performance) in games and better than everything else in the other metrics.

Comment Re:Contract negotiation... (Score 4, Interesting) 316

Nah, the problem is that primarily in order to get higher base wage rates per episode/weekly across the board, the unions fucked themselves over with exclusivity contracts that don't allow writers to work for more than one show at once. With shorter seasons they're making 1/2-2/3s of what they were making when the contracts were designed. Course, had they been paying attention to the internet and the pattern emergin in HBO et al, they would have known that was a bad idea, but I digress.

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