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Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 1001

To be even more specific he was jailed for getting a date 'wrong' and thus lying to the court about the date, not content of, of a conversation that happened 18-24 months prior to the testimony in question. A call which was neither in his calendar nor was anything written down about said phone call afterwards. He was not allowed to introduce expert testimony at his own case pointing out that the human memory is, in point of fact, quite fallible.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 1001

The blaming a Youtube video part happened pretty fucking definitely. The prior part was either criminally negligent unwillingness to deploy a rescue team in time to save an ambassador doing WH mandated arms deals under the table with AQ affiliated Syrian rebels, or complete and utter incompetence in not properly reinforcing the building and people there after any of the MULTIPLE requests Ambassador Stevens made for help given that 6 months prior the Brits pulled out of Benghazi EXPRESSLY because the security situation was complete shit. Either way, it demonstrates rather conclusively that Hillary shouldn't be in charge of a kindergarten, let alone the country.

Comment Re:I hate it when companies decide what's good for (Score 2) 284

No it's not, it's perfectly rational. Violence is, by and large, something to be avoided throughout your life. As such, fictional depictions of violence will not, by and large, change behavioral patterns. Whereas sex is something the vast majority of society will participate in, and there have been plenty of cases shown where porn consumption changes expectations of sexual experiences and relationships, generally for the worse.

Comment Re:Major Colvin (Score 1) 983

Which doesn't matter since primarily all Nixon did was consolidate the drug enforcement arms of the US govt. into their own little agency and state to the public that it was an enforcement priority. It was Johnson who passed the laws in question. The fact of the matter is the authoritarians on both sides of the aisle loved the Drug War, and anybody who says otherwise is either ignorant or lying through their fucking teeth.

Comment Re:Not surprising.... Whooah There Cowboy! (Score 1) 801

Different record keeping laws at the time and handled entirely in house by competent IT people with no public facing web server access. They were not running all government communications through the server and none of the material was thought to be classified at any level..

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