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Comment STAR WARS MYTHOS (Score 0) 603

Dear Sillies, I am laughing at the sad minions who think of George Lucas as a god fallen because he has sold out or broken away from a "Star Wars mythos". Basically, George Lucas was once a guy full ideas and a great story. He used his story and made the Star Wars trilogy. Then he made money. Did people forget that his creative brain was all used up in making American Graffiti and THX 1138? Then he made Star Wars with bad direction and bad acting! Did you forget? The only thing that held up that movie was the "Jedi story" and the special effects. Oh and being a kid with a big box of popcorn going "Ooooh AHHHHH!!!" Then he spent many years in his Fortress of Solitude, aka Skywatcher Ranch, putting money into creative and technological processes in film. THEN HE CREATED JAR JAR AND A NEW STAR WARS *money idea cough cough* WAS BORN! He sold out. So what? Whaddya want? Go see Bladerunner again and then talk about Ridley Scott. Go see Taxi Driver and then talk about Martin Scorcese. Go see Clockwork Orange and then talk about Stanley Kubrick. They're all people that make money making movies in Hollywood. I don't know where I'm going with this. My son wants to see Clone Wars and well, George Lucas is a dad (and might I mention the bad love story lines that sound like they are written by a 60 year old virgin who plays video games and ONCE touched a breast!) and makes interesting shows. He's into entertainment. Not some philosopher. Heck this Jedi idea IS NOT ORIGINAL. Ask the Buddha! Ask Jesus! Silly fans, Star Wars is for kids (and kids at heart). Love Jackie

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