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Ponten also claimed that the Sunnydale topsite was the source of all pirated material available on The Pirate Bay, but this was denied by Peter Sunde. "More than 800,000 people have uploaded to The Pirate Bay, so I don't believe it's the source of everything. But it is possible that it's a major source," he said.

Comment Re:A Strawman for the Symptom (Score 1) 723

Nice of you to bring this up -- almost anything intended to further some agenda, good or bad, fits the literal interpretation of "propaganda". Unfortunately, the word has a negative connotation which makes people think all propaganda is bad or based on falsehoods. It could quite possibly be correct to state that the MPAA tactic is manipulation bordering on indoctrination, and the counterattacks are mainly propaganda.

The really important thing to note is that from propaganda to manipulation to indoctrination, the target is progressively less aware that someone is trying to influence them, and thus typically less able to think critically about the way they are being influenced. So propaganda is in fact the most transparent way to influence things, and thus also the least suspect. .-)

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Submission + - SCOTUS declares PATRIOT Act Unconstitutional

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