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Comment Re:Well... (Score 2) 303

At least I hope it does and it will force them to rethink their stupid Start menu removal, amongst other things.

Yes, I agree that It's a bit pissy of microsoft to drop the friggin start menu after all these years without any kind of transition period -- or with anything that has an ounce of useability in it.

There is a 3rd party program that adds the start menu back to the taskbar,

Just a happy user (note: it's a tad buggy when it comes to opening files from jump lists, but I hear that might be fixed internally).

Comment Re:Be as nasty as you want to the Baby Boomers... (Score 1) 480

Um, according to this, Voyager doesn't have any solar panels. nor did Galileo, > Somehow I don't think a moon base would last long on 1 watt of power. RTGs don't provide a lot of power (yay for thermopiles) -- and I never said anything about moon bases.

Comment Re:Can we get consequences added to the next rev D (Score 1) 597

Oops, I screwed up the formatting a bit. Sorry.

Last time I looked, copyright had expired on that particular piece of music several hundred years ago. Sigh.

On that particular piece of music sure, but was the rendition of that piece several hundred years old? No? I didn't think so....


Submission + - Android Jelly Bean "Near Impossible" to Hack ( 2

SternisheFan writes: "The latest release of Google's Android mobile operating system has finally been properly fortified with an industry-standard defense. It's designed to protect end users against hack attacks that install malware on handsets.

In an analysis published Monday, security researcher Jon Oberheide said Android version 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, is the first version of the Google-developed OS to properly implement a protection known as address space layout randomization. ASLR, as it's more often referred to, randomizes the memory locations for the library, stack, heap, and most other OS data structures. As a result, hackers who exploit memory corruption bugs that inevitably crop up in complex pieces of code are unable to know in advance where their malicious payloads will be loaded. When combined with a separate defense known as data execution prevention, ASLR can effectively neutralize such attacks."


Submission + - Angry Hacker Threatens ISP.. With An Ax (

An anonymous reader writes: An Australian man has admitted hacking into an Adelaide ISP's servers, and deleting data belonging to the business, after he had threatened to burn their offices down... and menaced a company director with an ax.

29-year-old Bryce Kingsley Quilley, of Tailem Bend, South Australia, pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawful modification of computer data at the Adelaide firm that he used to work for, one aggravated count of threatening to cause harm and one aggravated count of threatening to damage property.

Sentencing is scheduled for later this year.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Linux Developer Working on Windows 8 Secure Boot Bypass (

hypnosec writes: Windows 8 is going to be equipped with a secure boot technology from Microsoft dubbed Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) that will effectively lockup the operating system tightly and will prevent users from installing other operating system – be it Linux or Windows XP, Windows 7 and as a matter of fact another instance of Windows 8. This is definitely not good news and there has been already a lot of talk going on about the secure boot option of Windows 8. To bypass this, James Bottomley, chair at Linux Foundation's Technical Advisory Board has made public Intel Tianocore UEFI boot image along with some code. Developers can use this to get around the secure boot option of Windows 8.

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