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Comment I noticed something happened last night (Score 2) 268

I'm a LastPass user and last night I was forced to change my master password. Initially I was a bit suspicious about the request, so I took all the measures to make sure it was a genuine request from When I was sure it was a safe request, I changed my master password to something even stronger than it was. I'm a paying user for their premium services, and in my opinion I must admit that their reaction to that casualty and possible data breach has been very open and reasonable. I would be very angry if instead they had an attitude like PSN. At least they took proactive countermeasures and are being honest to their customers, that attitude really deserves some kudos.

Submission + - Ars Technica loses Facebook page (

rilian4 writes: I've been following the ongoing thread over at ars that their facebook page has been blocked with apparently no recourse. Many posters there have detailed their own sagas of inability to address grievances either with facebook blocking pages or w/ other users harrassing them, etc.

Late breaking updates suggest that the size of ars has made facebook sit up and take notice but their facebook page is still down and they have not been given much to go on.


Submission + - Facebook locking popular pages without warning (

raulfragoso writes: "Some popular websites, among them Ars Technica and Redmond Pie, are complaining about Facebook having locked out their pages on Facebook due to alleged copyright infringement. The problem is that Facebook does not state what's the supposed violation neither is willing to answer the requests for explaining the reason of the alleged infringement.
Many user comments in the Ars Technica article ( )lead to think that this is happening more often than not."


Submission + - Encrypted VoIP meets traffic analysis ( 1

Der_Yak writes: Researchers from MIT, Google, UNC Chapel Hill, and Johns Hopkins published a recent paper that presents a method for detecting spoken phrases in encrypted VoIP traffic that has been encoded using variable bitrate codecs. They claim an average accuracy of 50% and as high as 90% for specific phrases.

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