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Comment Re:Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score 1) 142

You could have just said yes and moved on. There are plenty of benefits that come with making things sleeker (and less upgradable.) but you ignore them all and went right ahead and exaggerating the issues it creates. Lets make a list: "More prone to failure" The opposite is actually true. "engineered to be more frustrating" for you? Many people (normal consumers) find the simplicity appealing. "Apple stuff is purposefully engineers their technology to be prone to failure" This is nonsensical. And rubbish. "tons of cases of ventilation issues" Rubbish. Sure if you want to overclock or do anything drastically different it may be true. "I don't know why people continue to buy their stuff" One of the few things you've said i can fully endorse. "a lot cheaper, perform better, be infinitely more upgradable, and can be modified to suit your personal demands" Yep. So buy a cheap PC box. I usually do but there is merit to Apples approach to integrating the OS and hardware and making it very reliable.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 1) 447

I've browsed Apple maps extensively in Australia and while the results are not perfect, it's close enough to be an excellent mapping service. Just to be clear it's not as good as Google Maps but is that unexpected?. I have spotted 4-5 errors in total and yes one of them was a town name in the wrong location. These issues did not cause me any problems because i was instinctively aware that Mildura is not in the middle of a salt lake. The exaggeration of the problems is lame. I'm not defending Apple, but the mapping service is actually pretty good.

Comment Re:Retina Displays? (Score 1) 377

Really? That's a fairly elitist and condescending. I'm ok with Apple popularising the need for higher resolution screens for the masses. I bet there are tonnes of things you use everyday and haven't bothered to understand... For example, can you explain to me the function of a cam shaft? How is it fabricated and to what tolerances? Don't know without googling it? You use one every time you drive a car, Ignoramus! :)

Comment Re:"Witchunt" (Score 1) 915

That's quite a lot of rubbish stuffed into one short post. If he won't get a 'normal' trail, what type of trial do expect Assange to get? And are you ok with him being treated differently just because he embarrassed the US government? Which of the laws of the USA he has violated? You would be the first person anywhere to be able answer that.

You should know that Wikileaks releases have irrefutably shown vast amounts of corruption and illegal action by many governments. One of the most prominent was the US military accidentally killing a journalist. More concerning than the accident, is the fact that the US military/gov tried to hide it.

Comment Re:Oracle vs Google (Score 1) 330

The first statement i agree with. Unfortunately it isn't anywhere near representing what they are actually disputing. The second statement is pure speculation and fairly obviously wrong. Do really think if Apple hadn't entered the phone market Samsung would have released something that changed the industry like the iPhone?

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