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Comment Re:all sides (Score 1) 763

So you've obviously not seen the time-lapse of bacteria evolving resistance to stronger and stronger doses of a toxin in a matter of days (BBC Horizon:'Defeating the Superbugs' sadly no-longer legally available on-line). If they couldn't have predicted what was going to happen, I doubt if they would have bothered to set up the shot.

If some-one produces a 'missing link' I'm sure you'll pipe up that there are now two missing links.

Comment Re:typical (Score 1) 471

Do you really think it would go like this:

Most powerful country in Europe: Your website is against our laws.
Facebook: Your laws count for nothing. If you try and stop us we'll go home with our ball.
Most powerful country in Europe: Shit you called us out; do what the fuck you like.

You're obviously very naive.

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